This post is in response to Mind and Life Matters Limerick Poetry Challenge Week 3: Believe where the challenge is to write a limerick which incorporates the word ‘believe’ or a synonym of the word.  I’ve done two limericks and, as I couldn’t decide which one to submit, I thought I’d post them both.

The first goes as follows:

I believe that the stars in the sky
Will float down in a moment and cry
As the sun is still out
And it leads me to doubt
If the moon can be bothered to try

Herewith the second attempt:

Belief is the bedrock of life
Through trouble and torment and strife
We need our foundations
They help our relations
And stop us from grasping that knife

I found out, through Writing 101: Poetry that, not only do I love writing poetry, but I especially love writing limericks.  Hope you find them amusing 🙂


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