A couple of mornings ago I was out, very early, with my dog and was lucky enough to witness this amazing sunrise.  To be honest, I’d witnessed a similar sunrise a few days earlier, but she not had y phone with me.

Now, whilst my phone camera takes pretty good shots it can in no way compare to having a good camera for zoom.  I didn’t want to be caught out again, though hadn’t expected to capture such a lovely image.


Sunrise this morning

The day was greeted with a spectacular sunrise this morning.  I was out early, as usual, walking the dog.  I could see the oranges, reds and golds reflected in the bay as the new dawn started to break.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera to hand.  

On my return journey, my back to the sunrise, I turned round to see the most glorious sunrise – and could have kicked myself for my stupidity.  Poor Mischa had a shorter walk as I wanted to hurry home before I missed it all.  

I only just managed to take this shot before the display completely ended.  It’s nothing like the stunning display I had seen just 10 minutes earlier – a blood red orb shot with crimson reds and golds, with black shadows sailing across it.

I’ll take my camera tomorrow morning, but what’s the betting it will be raining!

Dawn breaking over the bay

The sunrise over the bay was breathtaking yesterday morning.  I tried to capture the sheer magnificence of the spectacle, but failed miserably.  I should have my camera permanently ready to hand so I can whip it out at a moment’s notice – for a moment is all there is when nature bestows such a gift to the senses.

Instead I picked up my iPad and rushed outside, into the freezing cold, in the hope I could freeze the moment for all eternity.

Wednesday Word – Sunrise

Every new day dawns with the promise of new possibilities, a brand new set of adventures, a chance to chase the rainbow which you just missed grasping in your hand yesterday.

The day, like all days ahead, remains unmade, waiting to be experienced, waiting to embrace you and pull you along in its wake.  It’s the sense of a new beginning, the limitless choices to be made, the myriad of options available, and it’s why I love this particular time of day.

Sunrise, for me, is a magical moment and one I love to be able to witness – more so than sunset, though I do my fair share of watching and capturing the end of the day’s sun too.  I do a lot of thinking in the early mornings as I walk my dog.  It’s a peaceful time with very little traffic around and I rarely see more than a couple of other early birds up and about (it’s just turned 5am when we start our walk).  The loudest sounds come from the birds, they sound warnings to each other as we pass underneath them. The blackbirds are the loudest of all and I’ve noticed they have a particular song as we approach and walk past, it sounds something like ‘pretty birdie, pretty birdie’, then, once we’re past, they sing ‘birdie gone, birdie gone’.

This image of a sunrise was taken whilst we were on holiday.  I’d got up specifically to witness the sunrise off Santorini and, boy, was I glad I’d made the effort.   

Do you have a favourite time of day?  

Wednesday Word


Each Wednesday I choose a word and think about it for 5 minutes, or so, when I’m on my coffee break at work.   I  scribble down whatever the word suggests to me and post it when I get home in the evening.
If you would like to join in then please feel free to do so.   You can post it on your own blog (would be great if you link to mine so I can have a peak), or post in my comments if you prefer.   It’s up to you.
I was thinking of another word for today’s Wednesday Word but, as I left the house this morning this was what I saw.  I grabbed my phone and tried my best to capture it.

So, the word today is Sunrise.

To be honest I don’t think any words I could put together match what I saw.  So, just for once, I’m not going to write a poem or anything else.

A heads up for next Wednesday’s Word (which should have been this week’s  but the sunrise was soon beautiful). 

Next week’s word is EMACIATED.   Thank you Colette for suggesting it.


We woke up to a dusting of snow this morning.  I realise that many of you have deep, deep drifts of snow where you live, but we rarely get any here at the bottom of the English Lake District.

As well as the snow, we also had the most beautiful sunrise.  I’ve tried to capture it in the image above.  We overlook the bay and the sun rises above the horizon right opposite us.

I took our dog out for her morning walk before I took this image.  At that time it wasn’t quite light and the street lamps made the little town look magical, especially when seen from the promenade which runs the whole length of the town, and is where I walk my dog in the early hours of the morning.  I was surprised, though, to see the evidence of so many people having enjoyed a walk in the snow before I had even got up!