In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Obstacle Course.”

For the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about ways to advertise my fledgling start-up business and get more widely known.  I’ve taken out a couple of adverts (with short editorials) in a couple of local papers, and know I need to do more, but it’s an expensive way of advertising – especially when people tend to skim read.

Obviously the spondoolies are finite, so every penny has to be carefully allocated to whatever method of advertising will produce the better returns.  That being the case I’m about to order a couple of car door advertising magnets which I’ve already designed (free, and which can obviously go with my car wherever I go – almost free advertising, the door advertising magnets are great value for money.  But, I also need to generate more traffic through my business   website.

Problem is, I’m not sure how to go about it.  There are courses out there (but we come back to spondoolies again), and wading through theoretical books and websites for information takes more time than I have, and so many of them are written for techy geeks.

Then – out of the blue an email dropped into my inbox offering a free whole day session about the very issue I’ve been mulling over.   Serendipity 😀. So, of course, I’ve booked myself onto it – it’s being run just 12 miles away from where I live.  I’m looking forward to it and hope that some of the ideas, hints and tips are ones which I can work with and which will work for me.

So, tonight I’m packing my laptop, charger, extension lead, notepad, pen, business cards and anything else I can think of, as the course is taking place tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it.

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Looking Ahead

The Month Ahead …..

Thanks to a lovely idea found here I’m thinking about what the month ahead is going to bring.  Firstly a day out with my eldest grandson, his mum and dad, at a family farm attraction in Yorkshire – activities include ferret racing (anyone?), tractor rides, sheep racing (bizarre), adventure playground (for kids of all ages – I hope), a milking parlour and much more.  That should keep the young ‘un busy for a few hours whilst us adults gaze on lovingly (and, hopefully get a go on the tube maze or something ….).Taking a picnic for this – so the weather had better be good!

Later on in the month we are going to a 50th wedding anniversary do – my Hubbie’s lovely sister and brother-in-law are having a large family celebration which we’re really looking forward to.  It’s not often that we all get together as the families are spread out all over the place.  To be able to catch up with (almost) everyone is a real treat.

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A photo opportunity

Today I’ve taken the plunge to have my new business venture advertised in the local press.  No turning back now – I’ve committed myself to spending the spondoolies.  I’d been asked to provide a short summary of who who I am and what I’m doing – no problem, I can write for ever, so I did, only to be told it had to be no more than 150 words (on with my editing hat).  That done I emailed it off last night and received an email straight back to say that it looked great and would I be free to go and have my photo taken sometime today.  I’m not photogenic – I’d far rather be on the other side of the camera – but the man with the cam did a great job I have to say.  I’ve missed the latest editions of both papers so will have to wait until the next one to see how my advert and editorial do.

Ah well, after the excitement of this morning, it’s back to the paid work for the afternoon.

Why is it that when someone passes a task on it’s because they have no idea how to do it, how they want it to look, nor what the task entails?  Do they not realise that mind reading doesn’t come naturally to most people?  Thank goodness I’m pretty good at analysing information and sorting it into useable data.  Whether it will be in the format the person concerned wanted it is quite another matter – I wasn’t given any details about that 😡

Putting it out there

So, today I had a lovely chat in the offices of our local newspaper about taking out an advertisement for my fledgling business.  It turns out that there is a sister paper which I can advertise in too and I was asked if I would be interested in doing an editorial with photo – well, of course I said yes!

I love local businesses/enterprises – so friendly and willing to go the extra mile.  Now I just need to email them some info about who I am and what I’m doing/can offer and we can get that ball rolling.  Great advertising potential there.

On my own learning front – I can now make fabulous meringues as well as great bread, still not sure about gears on a cycle though – I mean, who invented the need to run through two sets of gears simultaneously, why can’t there be just two – one for hills and one for flat.  Life’s just too short to have to figure all this out whilst trying to stay upright on a little metal frame with only two wheels.  ….  Oh, alright, I know that little kids have no problem with the concept – but I don’t bounce when I fall down anymore!

Ah yes, forgot about the crumpets.  They didn’t turn out so great- perhaps sour dough crumpets are not the way to use up extra starter.  I’ll have to come up with another plan.