A poem for today to celebrate the arrival of a new addition to our household:

The ‘nth Degree

This project is planned to the ‘nth degree
The timetable’s set in stone
All must be prepared to welcome
A new friend into our home

This friend is a permanent feature
Pretty, elegant and neat
She’ll live in our guest bedroom
We’ll get on famously – so sweet

Today marks the start of the project
Four days to get everything straight
She’s being delivered on Friday
A writing desk where I can ‘create’

After thinking about how and where I write, for quite some time now, and especially with regard to NaNo coming up this Sunday, I’ve finally come up with what I hope will be the perfect answer.  We’ve always had the room (a room with a view no less), just that the room wasn’t organised to make the best use of the space it has.  This weekend we went out to a local architectural salvage place and I found a simple and beautiful handkerchief table – it folds diagonally to make a corner table with its folded edge looking like the triangle of a folded handkerchief.  This means that it doesn’t take up too much space in the room, and it can sit right beside the window where I can pull up the leaf to make a square.  It’s the perfect size for what I want and my wonderful ‘other half’ has bought it for me for my Christmas and birthday present – the two being within a couple of weeks of each other.  I’ve had to create a schedule for clearing the room though as, currently, we use it to store all manner of bits and bobs.


7 thoughts on “The ‘nth Degree

    1. I can’t wait – somewhere to hide myself away for a couple of hours while I think and write. Won’t see much of the view though for a few months as I mainly write after work . Still, weekends I tend to write during daylight hours ☺

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