Dawn breaking over the bay

The sunrise over the bay was breathtaking yesterday morning.  I tried to capture the sheer magnificence of the spectacle, but failed miserably.  I should have my camera permanently ready to hand so I can whip it out at a moment’s notice – for a moment is all there is when nature bestows such a gift to the senses.

Instead I picked up my iPad and rushed outside, into the freezing cold, in the hope I could freeze the moment for all eternity.

A New Year’s Day Walk

Yesterday was a beautiful day so, having donned some boots and a warm waterproof coat, I decided to take the dog for a long walk.   To be honest I didn’t expect the world and her husband to be out at the same time but no matter, there’s plenty of room out on the fell.

Our little town is built at the foot of a steeply climbing ridgemail,  from the top of which are some of the most spectacular views.  It’s a fairly long and steep climb up to the top, and one soon leaves the town behind. 

Along the way we met an orienteering group, families with small children, lots of dogs with their own servants (we servants exchanged our own greetings whilst our owners allowed us a breather before hurrying us along).

The views opened out as we climbed ever higher – though the light seemed to be fading slightly.  At the top I looked around the vast empty expanse – and realised that I was the only person still up there!  Time to head back for home. We’d been out for almost 2 hours and walked and climbed a fair few miles.

On the way back down, right at the edge of civilisation, is a lovely old house which has the most amazing views over the bay.  It also has a beautiful old door which leads, I can only assume, into the garden.  It obviously hasn’t been used for many years.  The timbers are old and rotting, but I often fantasise about what could lie behind this old door – what it hides or protects.   I’ve no idea who lives there, but I envy them this little slice of heaven.

Late autumn colours

A late afternoon walk with the dog, a chance to take in the late autumnal colours as the sun begins to set.  Crisp and fresh with gold and copper tones dazzling the eyes – the day moves quickly towards its end.

Venetian Gondolas

Crossing over one of the hundreds of bridges in Venice, and looking down, I couldn’t resist taking this photo.  Gondolas are ubiquitous in Venice, but I’ve never seen one from this angle before – so out came my phone…

They’re beautifully fitted and furnished – and cost a small fortune to hire.  No, I’ve never been in one.  

Just a few yards further up the canal, on the right-hand side, you can see there is a man climbing onto one of the other type of boats which ply the canals every day.  There are private boats, delivery boats, waste retrieval boats, taxi boats, boats for everything which would normally be done by car or wagon.

Venetian Perfection

Sitting in the Venetian sun, one blissfully warm afternoon, drinking Prosecco – as you do, I looked up and saw this beautiful shuttered window with balcony.  We’d wandered away from the crowded touristy areas towards a part of Venice we’d never visited.  I’d always known there was a public park at one end, we’d just never wandered down that way before, the allure of the narrow streets, the tiny bridges and the feeling of being deliciously lost without a care in the world being one of the delights of Venice.  

This particular afternoon found us in a wide, quiet street, full of small cafes selling delicious food at far more reasonable prices than the usual touristy areas.  From where we were sitting we could still people watch to our hearts content without being jostled – it was incredibly peaceful.  

I love looking up at windows, especially those with partially opened shutters.  I wonder who lives behind them, what they do for a living, what the room is used for, what conversations are held in that room, what tales the walls could tell, the shape of the many pairs of hands which have opened those shutters in the past, what secrets have been hidden in the fabric of the walls.

Behind these particular shutters I know lives a dog.  He (or she), stepped out and looked down onto the street towards where we were sitting, decided we posed no threat, and slowly walked back into the cooling shade inside.  Sensible dog.

We on the other hand, our Prosecco finished, decided to carry on with our walk  – leaving behind this little piece of perfection.

Autumn colours 

Dawn was just breaking when I set off for work this morning.   It was cold and damp and I just wanted to be tucked up in bed where it was so cosy and warm. Unfortunately, being an adult, it wasn’t an option. 

It’s a  twenty minute drive to work – plenty of time to think and mull over things.  This morning I was feeling rather nostalgic and remembering someone who is no longer here.  By the time I parked up there was a tear running down my cheek.  I got out of the car, gave myself a good telling off, and looked up.  That’s when I  saw the tree in all its autumn glory – slightly denuded after the heavy winds yesterday, but still beautiful.  You can see the moon to the left of it.  

It’s cheered me up no end.  I walked to work with a smile on my face 🤗