A little something for the weekend

The Village

(I have no idea where this village is, nor what it is called.  I’m using it as a prompt for, and vague representation of, the village which is in my mind and which forms the central stage for the characters in my putative novel – Mannersby doesn’t exist – at least as far as I know).

The village of Mannersby lies hidden away in a dip between three medium sized hills.  Not mountains, they’re not high enough for that, but they’ll certainly test your muscles if you want to climb to the top and look down on the (seemingly) sleepy cluster of houses, church, garage, bakery, farrier and butchers.

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Looking Ahead

The Month Ahead …..

Thanks to a lovely idea found here I’m thinking about what the month ahead is going to bring.  Firstly a day out with my eldest grandson, his mum and dad, at a family farm attraction in Yorkshire – activities include ferret racing (anyone?), tractor rides, sheep racing (bizarre), adventure playground (for kids of all ages – I hope), a milking parlour and much more.  That should keep the young ‘un busy for a few hours whilst us adults gaze on lovingly (and, hopefully get a go on the tube maze or something ….).Taking a picnic for this – so the weather had better be good!

Later on in the month we are going to a 50th wedding anniversary do – my Hubbie’s lovely sister and brother-in-law are having a large family celebration which we’re really looking forward to.  It’s not often that we all get together as the families are spread out all over the place.  To be able to catch up with (almost) everyone is a real treat.

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Something from the weekend

I’ve spent the weekend having a brilliant time visiting my youngest grandson (below), and his parents.  Consequently, I haven’t finished the Blogging 101 course (yet), but will catch up.  This blog is part of the 101 course – creating a weekly feature 🙂


This part of my family live a long way away from us (from my perspective here in the UK anyway).  Unfortunately it always means a tedious journey down the country on the M6 and M5 – and this time it was incredibly busy.  Why is it that some drivers think they are the only people on the road whose time is precious when the roads start to clog up?  I’m seriously fed up with some drivers taking advantage of the tiniest gaps between bumper to bumper cars to slide in and out of the traffic, weaving around and causing problems further down the queues.  A journey that should have taken three and a half hours, at most, ended up taking over six hours!  Most of that spent standing still on the motorways.  We couldn’t even take an alternative route as they were clogged too.  Still, it was worth it once we got to our journey’s end.

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Looking for Alpha Darley

I’m wondering if anyone can help me.  I’ve been tracing my family history for years now and one man, in particular, has left a puzzle behind.  Alpha Darley was born on 7th December 1853 to Mary Ann Darley (no father’s name given on the birth certificate), at Laneham in Nottinghamshire, England.  He married Ellen Charlotte Ward on 15th January 1877 in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England.  I found Alpha, Ellen and their two little girls, living with Ellen’s father and the rest of his family at Swaffham in Norfolk.

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Can’t work without the internet!

OOOH I’m feeling frustrated.  Our internet has been running like a sleeping tortoise for the past three days now and, today, it just wasn’t going to wake up at all.  I’m currently piggybacking on our next door neighbour’s broadband (with their consent of course).

It’s like the old saying goes, you don’t know what you’ve got ’till you lose it.  We’re all so reliant on this invisible link to the outside world which keeps us connected in so many ways.  Facebook, email, ordering online, checking out the news at any time, researching, even blogging – you name it I do it and when I can’t access the web I feel lost and unconnected (which I am, of course).

I’m old enough to remember when no-one had mobile phones, and I mean no-one.  The internet wasn’t a word in anyone’s vocabulary that I ever knew.  The thought of just typing out anything on a screen was something you saw on Star Trek, and to be able to talk to anyone and see them at the same time on a screen – well that was akin to magic!  Now don’t get me wrong, I love clever technology.  I love that I’m able to tap away and connect to   anyone, anywhere.  I love that I can take a photograph and share it through Twitter, Facebook, email and website/blog.  I also love that I can take it all with me wherever I go so that I’m always available – EXCEPT WHEN I’M AT HOME IN THE HOUSE (yes, that is a scream).

Ok – rant over.  Time to have a calming cup of tea and calm down.  A good cuppa can sort almost everything out.  Now, if I just pour it over my wireless router ……….