Wandering aimlessly in Venice

The assignment for Writing 101 today (day 18) is to take or use a map as a muse.  I love maps, it doesn’t matter where they’re from or what they show, I just love maps.  I have a drawer full of different types of maps, all created to show something very different, whether it be roads, housing estates, land ownership etc., and also copies of historical maps drawn up in the 18th and 19th centuries.  It was a struggle to decide which type of map to use.  I pondered on this all day.  Then I decided to look through the tourist type maps we always pick up when on holiday and, eureka, I found this one of Venice which immediately took me back to one of my most favourite memories.

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The penultimate day

Today was the penultimate day in my current place of employment.  The team I work with, and I, are being transferred over to another employer on Thursday, and today was the day when we had to clear out our office.  Tomorrow will be our last team meeting in our, now, very empty working space.   The experience has prompted a little poem:


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A Little Something for the Weekend


By 6.30pm I was dressed to kill, perfumed and immaculately made up. I was pleased with what I saw in the mirror, apart from the slippers – I so had to remember to put my heels on before I went out. I had folded up the piece of paper on which I’d listed my questions I wanted to have answered, together with some idea of how I was going to find those answers. If I could persuade Jeremy to help me with at least some of them, then that would surely prove a great help.

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Short Short Stories – Very Short Stories

I thought I’d share this site with you today.  It has a number of links to short and very short stories which is something I’m interested in taking further.  I’ve found I like writing short stories, never having been something I’ve ever tried before.  The site has some very useful hints and tips.

Read short short stories by our contributors, and publish your own. Here are some tricks to help you write successful flash fiction or very short stories.

Source: Short Short Stories – Very Short Stories

Every Day is Unique …..

This morning 24.09.15 – 08.00:    Having got up at 06.45, showered, dressed, and made my breakfast (muesli with fruit and yoghurt), I do what I always do first thing in the morning, checked my emails.  Writing 101:  The task today is to re-create a single day – the thought which immediately hit me was ‘which day’?  A day in the past, or today?  The thing is, I already know what happened in the past, whilst I don’t yet have a clue what will take place as this new day opens up so, today it will be.

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Our Recent Holiday in Norfolk

I thought I’d share with you three of my favourite subjects today, being food, holidays and architecture, specifically medieval architecture for this post.  We’ve just returned from a holiday in Shropshire and Norfolk – miles apart but both very lovely to see and lovely to drive round and through.  Yes, our holiday encompassed all three of my favourite subjects. I’m really a very lucky girl 🙂 Read more

Short Story – Isaac Newton and the Apple a revised ‘history’

‘Ouch’ wailed Isaac as he slipped to the ground, his quills, ink and parchments scattered around his feet, ‘that blessed apple hurt me’.  He looked for the offending item, found it, and then proceeded to take a bite feeling very pleased with himself that he’d at least manage to have some lunch as he’d forgotten to take any with him.  Isaac had just closed his mouth to be able to chew his prize when ‘Oi, wha’d’ya think you’re doing’? shouted a tiny, tinny voice right in front him.

Startled, Isaac opened his eyes and almost died of fright.  There, right in front of him, rising out of the apple with his tiny fists shaking, was a worm.  Yes, a worm.  Talking nay shouting – sort of – he was a worm after all.  ‘My pardon sir’, said Isaac – he still had his manners even though he’d been felled by an apple and shouted at by a worm – ‘but do you realise to whom you are shouting?  And what, pray, is a worm doing being able to talk’?

‘Never mind me talking mate, what ya gonna do about my apple, that’s sheer vandalism that is, not to mention theft – taking another’s property -yeh, theft, that’s wot it is’, responded the worm sweating profusely in sheer fright as he’d almost had his head bitten off.

‘Theft, yeah, you tell him mate’, came another little voice off to the left.  A voice, moreover, that appeared to be emanating from a mouse hiding behind another apple.

‘My apologies Mr Worm, I think I must be in shock.  I was watching the apple fall from the tree you see, and wondering what it was that propelled it down to the ground, instead of up towards the sky or sideways’.  ‘Why that’s easy Mr Bigshot Dandy Pants’, responded the worm ‘it’s gravity and the laws of motion, that’s what it is – really you humans know nothing, gravity makes things fall to the ground – or on yer bonce in your case mate’!

Of course, no self-respecting man of science could admit that he’d owed his brilliant eureka moment to a worm, so Isaac invented his famous story to reflect his self-perceived extreme cleverness – and history is written by the successful as we all know, which is why all school children are told Isaac Newton’s story.  But you can be sure that the worm world knows the truth of the matter.

The moral of this story is – the worm is a very clever chappie/chapess, and don’t ever forget it.

This short story has, once again, been prompted by Shafali’s brilliant cue art as above.

Does anyone else think that Shafali’s version of Isaac Newton looks very similar to Brian May from Queen?