Sunrise this morning

The day was greeted with a spectacular sunrise this morning.  I was out early, as usual, walking the dog.  I could see the oranges, reds and golds reflected in the bay as the new dawn started to break.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera to hand.  

On my return journey, my back to the sunrise, I turned round to see the most glorious sunrise – and could have kicked myself for my stupidity.  Poor Mischa had a shorter walk as I wanted to hurry home before I missed it all.  

I only just managed to take this shot before the display completely ended.  It’s nothing like the stunning display I had seen just 10 minutes earlier – a blood red orb shot with crimson reds and golds, with black shadows sailing across it.

I’ll take my camera tomorrow morning, but what’s the betting it will be raining!

Dawn breaking over the bay

The sunrise over the bay was breathtaking yesterday morning.  I tried to capture the sheer magnificence of the spectacle, but failed miserably.  I should have my camera permanently ready to hand so I can whip it out at a moment’s notice – for a moment is all there is when nature bestows such a gift to the senses.

Instead I picked up my iPad and rushed outside, into the freezing cold, in the hope I could freeze the moment for all eternity.

A New Year’s Day Walk

Yesterday was a beautiful day so, having donned some boots and a warm waterproof coat, I decided to take the dog for a long walk.   To be honest I didn’t expect the world and her husband to be out at the same time but no matter, there’s plenty of room out on the fell.

Our little town is built at the foot of a steeply climbing ridgemail,  from the top of which are some of the most spectacular views.  It’s a fairly long and steep climb up to the top, and one soon leaves the town behind. 

Along the way we met an orienteering group, families with small children, lots of dogs with their own servants (we servants exchanged our own greetings whilst our owners allowed us a breather before hurrying us along).

The views opened out as we climbed ever higher – though the light seemed to be fading slightly.  At the top I looked around the vast empty expanse – and realised that I was the only person still up there!  Time to head back for home. We’d been out for almost 2 hours and walked and climbed a fair few miles.

On the way back down, right at the edge of civilisation, is a lovely old house which has the most amazing views over the bay.  It also has a beautiful old door which leads, I can only assume, into the garden.  It obviously hasn’t been used for many years.  The timbers are old and rotting, but I often fantasise about what could lie behind this old door – what it hides or protects.   I’ve no idea who lives there, but I envy them this little slice of heaven.

Late autumn colours

A late afternoon walk with the dog, a chance to take in the late autumnal colours as the sun begins to set.  Crisp and fresh with gold and copper tones dazzling the eyes – the day moves quickly towards its end.

View from the top

Last weekend my dog and I went exploring further than usual.  It was a glorious day, warm with a lovely breeze to keep us cool.

We’d taken a route which leads through a steeply rising wood, following a path which leads either to a wider path back out of the woods, or across a stile and up a fairly steep incline through open land to the summit of a hill which overlooks the bay.

I hadn’t been up to the top in, probably, 20 years – so it was high time I revisited. I’d forgotten how steep it is but it’s not too far.  The scenery is beautiful to behold.  Wild, craggy, windswept and open.  

There are often cows or sheep grazing up there and down near the woods but, on this day, there was no livestock within sight.  This meant that Mischa could run round to her heart’s content – and she loved it.

We saw about a dozen people in all, dressed in hiking boots, sensible waterproof jackets, walking poles and rucksacks.  Obviously taking their walk seriously!

I, on the other hand, was seriously underdressed in linen trousers, light cotton blouse and Birkenstocks.  I had poop bags for the dog and my phone, with which I took these images on the way back down from the top.

It was a great walk and next time we go I’ll approach it from a different path. Might even take a backpack and have my lunch up there – and some water would be good too.

#introtopoetry Day 9: Landscape

#introtopoetry Day 9 suggested ‘Landscape’ as the subject for the daily poem.

We recently visited a beautiful and charming town in Montenegro called Kotor.  We sailed up the fjord-like entry to the town, giant hills on each side reaching down to the water’s edge.  We were eating breakfast, at the time, looking out through the very large floor to ceiling windows when I made a grab for my camera.  I’d seen dragons!  Unfortunately my images haven’t turned out as well as I’d hoped, so I’ve used images from Google Images for this post.

Like sleeping dragons protecting their charges
Craggy fissures in the shape of shoulders
The grey cliff faces resembling tough hide
An eye, closed in silent restful slumber
All is at peace – no threat detected
Guardians lying nose to tail on both sides
Their tails wrapped round the villages lying between their feet and
Nestled along their stomachs, keeping them safe and secure
Protecting their charges from unwanted invaders
Millennia pass as the stars fade and die
As nature takes over and covers the dragons
With verdant green mantles
And still, within the curve of their tails
The curl of their necks
The warmth of their bellies
Families live and die
Oblivious to the benevolent existence of their protectors

Kotor dragon2

Life’s Journey

Day four of the poetry course I’ve joined – and still playing catch up.  It’s day five, so another poem to write at some point today.

The topic for this poem was given as ‘Journey’.  I’ve interpreted it to mean Life’s Journey.


Everyone’s life is a journey
It begins the day we are born
The future’s a mystery hidden from view
The present is all we can see

Our choices determine the path we will take
A wrong step and we risk a steep fall
We need friends beside us to bolster us when
The path ahead seems a long way

If we’re lucky we meet our life’s partner
Someone with whom we can share our foray
Into the journey which spreads out before us
And support one another each day

Eventually the road long travelled
Will lead us all to our journey’s end
It’s the people we’ve chosen to share our long walk
Who will help us to take that last bend