#everydayinspiration Day 3: Regret

REGRET – A poem

Returning, endlessly, to a past we cannot change
Each road taken has led to where we are now
Give up the self-recriminations, the sighed ‘if only I’d done…’
Reach out to the future and right those wrongs
Embrace the opportunity to try a different road
Take life’s lessons and learn from them

#introtopoetry Day 8: Pleasure

#introtopoetry Day 8 suggested the word ‘Pleasure’.  Last time I did this course I wrote a poem about my love of reading.  This time it got me thinking of all the little things which give me so much pleasure.

Dappled light illuminating nature’s jewels as the soft breeze
Gently ripples through the flower beds
The fresh, clean smell of a frosty winter’s morning
Icicles dripping like Christmas decorations amongst the foliage
A bottle of wine shared with friends
On a warm, placid, star-lit evening
The first cry of a new-born baby which
Captures the heart and fills it with unconditional love
The sound of children’s innocent laughter
Their voices squealing with happiness
The comfortable silence of two people who converse without words
Loving and living in harmony over the years
Sharing memories to be treasured forever

#introtopoetry Day 6: Screen

The title for the poem on day 6 of the #introtopoetry course was ‘Screen’, with the suggestion that we might like to try the poetic device ‘enjambment’ – a non-rhyming sentence or two, spreading over lines.

Your manner disturbs me, I don’t like
your soul.  I’ve blanked you out
so you can’t hurt me.


#introtopoetry Day 5: Imperfect

Playing catch-up again.  This poem is for Day 5 of the #introtopoetry course for which we were tasked with writing a limerick about the imperfect nature of someone or something.

My lord but you do have a temper
I wonder what’s eating your centre
I know it’s not much
For to me you’re nonsuch
But you could try to be a bit gentler

nonsuch:  noun

1 archaic A person or thing regarded as excellent or perfect.

Life’s Journey

Day four of the poetry course I’ve joined – and still playing catch up.  It’s day five, so another poem to write at some point today.

The topic for this poem was given as ‘Journey’.  I’ve interpreted it to mean Life’s Journey.


Everyone’s life is a journey
It begins the day we are born
The future’s a mystery hidden from view
The present is all we can see

Our choices determine the path we will take
A wrong step and we risk a steep fall
We need friends beside us to bolster us when
The path ahead seems a long way

If we’re lucky we meet our life’s partner
Someone with whom we can share our foray
Into the journey which spreads out before us
And support one another each day

Eventually the road long travelled
Will lead us all to our journey’s end
It’s the people we’ve chosen to share our long walk
Who will help us to take that last bend

Furry Friend

The third poem (I’m still playing catch-up) is about a friend in the form of an Acrostic.  I’ve chosen to write about one of my late furry friends – her name was Sal and she lived to be 14 years old.  We lost her four years ago, and I miss her dearly.   The image above was taken just a few months before she died.

We have a new furry friend called Mischa but I haven’t been able to capture her on camera as she won’t stay still for more than a second.


Furry, sleek and glossy black
Ready, always, for a walk
Immediately at my side
Eager to hear my voice
Never angry, never sad, my
Dog accepts me for who I am

Wednesday Word

Hi and welcome to Wednesday Word.  Each Wednesday I pick a word and spend about five minutes thinking about it, what it means, how it makes me feel, what it looks like, etc., and then write down whatever comes to mind.  To be honest I usually end up writing some sort of prose.

If you would like to join in then please feel free to do so.  If you want to ping back to my post so that I can read what you’ve written, that would be great.  Alternatively, you can add your own thoughts etc., to the comments box below.    Whatever you like.

Today’s word is Emancipate, and I’ve ended up writing a poem.


At whose behest
Should I be pressed
To take on a role
For which I have no soul
I need to be free
Unrestrained, can’t you see?
My spirit feels squashed
It’s time to liberate the ‘me’
I need to be independent
I can think for myself
If you’re feeling pressured
Free yourself from that shelf
The whole world is out there
Right there for the taking
My mind must be unfettered
‘Cos it’s ‘me’ that I’m making

Wednesday Word


Each Wednesday I pick a word,  think about it for about five minutes, and then write down whatever inspiration or feeling the word has invoked.

Please do feel free to join in if you wish.  You can either use the word as a prompt to post something on your own blog (please do pingback to me though so I can read it too), or write something in the comments section at the bottom of this blog – it’s up to you, the more the merrier.

He’s not to be trusted, this remarkable man
He’s too sly and greasy for me
His minions crowd round him
They’d do anything for him
Clamouring for his attention, his eye
Do they not realise he won’t really ‘see’ them
But he’ll use them before bleeding them dry

The word makes me think of something I wouldn’t want to touch, slick, sly, sinister, slimy or greasy, unwholesome.  Someone to stay away from, something or someone I certainly wouldn’t want anywhere near me.

I have visions of politicians who court their electorate with false smiles and wild promises, smiling and pretending to care for everyone – until they’re elected and then they’re free to build their powerbases, make their millions, squeeze the pips out of everyone beneath them.

The word makes me feel uneasy, not a word I feel at all comfortable with.  It could be a useful word to help create a character though.  I’ll have to think about that one.

Writing 201 – Sonnet

I wrote and published this sonnet on my blog a few weeks ago.  I’ve just come across it again and am still quite pleased with it, so thought I’d post it again.  Hope you don’t mind.

One thing has given me endless and unending pleasure for as long as I can remember, so my sonnet is dedicated to the pleasure of reading a good book.


With my mind I thee worship, with my soul I drink you in
Tickling, teasing, so infinitely pleasing, these words I find within a book
Such exquisite phraseology inviting me within
How could I resist the chance to sit and pick you up

Transported to a different place, with real time standing still
I delve inside without a pause your secrets to discover
You manage to entice me, captivate and delight me, I bend to your will
Willingly, like a virgin to her lover

How many hours will I sit here perched upon this seat
I do not know and I care not, I’m hungry
And words are the only food I wish to eat

So many words, so little time, so many books to read
Such pleasure still awaiting me as I grow old
My mind and my soul will never be in need

Thoughts of Christmas

It’s the time of year when thoughts are turned
Towards charity and peace
To friendship and family and neighbourliness
Towards mellowness, comfort and feast
Our houses are decked with colour and light
With baubles and tinsel and bells
Our menus are planned and the guest lists are writ
And kitchens bear Christmassy smells
All’s well with the world at least in our homes
The dog lies in front of the tree
The candles are lit and the fire burns bright
There’s nothing wrong I can see

But elsewhere in this world there is hardship and strife
No safety nor comfort for some
Perhaps for a time whilst we enjoy our good luck
We can think of what else can be done
To hasten the day when all humans can live
In a world which cares for all
Where every family can celebrate their way
In their own particular hall
Where no child will starve and no mother will mourn
The loss of daughter or son
Where food is plentiful and war unknown
And everyone is welcome