Sunrise this morning

The day was greeted with a spectacular sunrise this morning.  I was out early, as usual, walking the dog.  I could see the oranges, reds and golds reflected in the bay as the new dawn started to break.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera to hand.  

On my return journey, my back to the sunrise, I turned round to see the most glorious sunrise – and could have kicked myself for my stupidity.  Poor Mischa had a shorter walk as I wanted to hurry home before I missed it all.  

I only just managed to take this shot before the display completely ended.  It’s nothing like the stunning display I had seen just 10 minutes earlier – a blood red orb shot with crimson reds and golds, with black shadows sailing across it.

I’ll take my camera tomorrow morning, but what’s the betting it will be raining!

Dawn breaking over the bay

The sunrise over the bay was breathtaking yesterday morning.  I tried to capture the sheer magnificence of the spectacle, but failed miserably.  I should have my camera permanently ready to hand so I can whip it out at a moment’s notice – for a moment is all there is when nature bestows such a gift to the senses.

Instead I picked up my iPad and rushed outside, into the freezing cold, in the hope I could freeze the moment for all eternity.

Late autumn colours

A late afternoon walk with the dog, a chance to take in the late autumnal colours as the sun begins to set.  Crisp and fresh with gold and copper tones dazzling the eyes – the day moves quickly towards its end.

Beautiful day


Yesterday I decided to take the dog for a lovely long walk before I started, again, working on the 2nd part of my series 
She really enjoyed running through the woods, and I couldn’t believe that there was no one else about with their own furry friends.
It was cold, yes, but invigorating.  
More to the point,  I had the rest of the afternoon and evening to write.
Today it’s bitterly cold and I’m sitting in my office wrapped up in a Pashmina, wishing I was out walking with the dog again.


We woke up to a dusting of snow this morning.  I realise that many of you have deep, deep drifts of snow where you live, but we rarely get any here at the bottom of the English Lake District.

As well as the snow, we also had the most beautiful sunrise.  I’ve tried to capture it in the image above.  We overlook the bay and the sun rises above the horizon right opposite us.

I took our dog out for her morning walk before I took this image.  At that time it wasn’t quite light and the street lamps made the little town look magical, especially when seen from the promenade which runs the whole length of the town, and is where I walk my dog in the early hours of the morning.  I was surprised, though, to see the evidence of so many people having enjoyed a walk in the snow before I had even got up!

Beautiful morning

This morning, in fact every morning, I walk past this view on the way to work.  The view is ever changing as the seasons change.  The colours on the trees right now are just wonderful to behold.  This view is on my right as I walk to work, on my left is the main, busy, road, traffic lights, cars, taxis, lorries, cyclists, everything wheeled, travelling through making one heck of a noise.  On my right, perfect peace 🙂

Kendal bridge and trees Kendal riverside