Short Short Stories – Very Short Stories

I thought I’d share this site with you today.  It has a number of links to short and very short stories which is something I’m interested in taking further.  I’ve found I like writing short stories, never having been something I’ve ever tried before.  The site has some very useful hints and tips.

Read short short stories by our contributors, and publish your own. Here are some tricks to help you write successful flash fiction or very short stories.

Source: Short Short Stories – Very Short Stories

I need your input please

I would love to know what you, my readers and followers, would like to see more of on my blog.  To this end I’ve created a little poll to find out what type of writing you prefer to read, based on what you’ve already read of my little musings and longer pieces.

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To create or not to create – that is the question

Today’s Blogging 201 assignment is all about creating a blogging event on one’s own site.  I had a good think about it, followed up the links given on the write up and thought about it again.  I  already take part in a blogging event which runs weekly, and I am currently working on my own short story and novel.  I also try to post something at least every work day evening, which helps keep me in the writing mode.  The questions is:  have I got time to create and host a blogging event?

The answer, just at present, is ‘no I don’t.  Let me explain why.  By the end of next week I will be working for a new employer with new routines etc. to learn, and new people to get to meet and know.  I’ve also agreed to a Halloween writing collaboration with another blogger and I’m looking forward to this.  These, with the commitments to my writing schedule at the moment, mean I don’t/won’t have any spare time to think up, create and run a blogging event within the set time-frame.  I’ll just have to put this assignment on hold for now and pick it up again sometime in the next few months – maybe before Christmas so perhaps seasonally inspired?  If anyone may be interested in this then please do let me know and I’ll definitely get my thinking hat on!

Creating a Facebook page

Blogging 201:  Assignment 6

Well I’ve finally got round to creating a Facebook page specifically to promote my little scribblings and musings.  If you’d like to pop over and have a look please just click on the link above.  I’d welcome your comments and, if you want to ‘like’ the page, that would be very much appreciated.


I’m a bit miffed as I had to change my image header as above – the one I used on my blog didn’t have the correct number of whatsits for Facebook.  However, please let me know what you think about the new image.  I’ve also changed the tag line on my blog to more accurately reflect what I’m now using it for – which is, of course, writing. For some reason I’m currently unable to change my Facebook link on Publicize at the moment.  I’ll try again later when I’m feeling not so frazzled 🙂

A Little Something for the Weekend

Observing Murder – A Short Story Part 3

Now, just what is a girl to do when she is surrounded by sparkling precious stones and gold? I hate to admit it but I couldn’t help myself, I stared. No, I mean I really stared. I don’t think my mouth was open – I certainly hope it wasn’t, but at some point I noticed the young man had a smirk on his face. I immediately stopped staring and made a great effort not to let my jaw drop as he walked me past cabinets of exquisitely made rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, pins, brooches – honestly, I ask you, what would you have done?

I was taken through to a room towards the rear of the shop where we could discuss the drawing of the ring and its supposed relevance to a decades old murder. I found out that the young man’s name was Jeremy and he was interested in the drawing as he believed he had seen the exact ring somewhere before but couldn’t remember where. My internal antennae was buzzing – he’d lied, but why? I looked at him quizzically, and he had the grace to blush. ‘I must apologise’, he told me ‘I don’t believe I’ve seen the ring before, I KNOW I’ve seen it before. It used to belong to my great-grandmother and on her death it passed to my grandmother. She wears it every day. What I can’t understand is how and why you have drawn an exact image of it. You see, it was a commissioned piece made specifically for my great-grandmother by Garrards. There were no copies ever made. As far as I know it has never been photographed, so has never appeared in the press’.

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Blogging 201

Today’s assignment: ‘Consider what you want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals’. 

Ooh yes – my goals.  These have changed since I first started writing this blog, mainly because I have found it such an ideal medium to practice my writing and find my writing voice.

My long term goal, and the reason I am now writing this blog, is that I want to write a novel that has somehow landed in my head, almost fully formed (at least the location, the characters, the plot), and also a series – underway with the short story Observing Murder  which I am currently writing and posting on a weekly basis.  I also want to practice writing in different forms – hence the novel, short story and pieces of verse I post now and again.

My ideal outcome would, naturally, be that I could write sufficiently well enough that I would attract the eye of a publisher who was prepared to invest in me.  What a wonderful dream – to be paid to be a writer, to achieve sales, to write for a living – a good living at that.  I am well aware that the likelihood of this happening is incredibly, if not impossibly thin, but that won’t stop me writing – it’s something I simply have to do.  We all have to have dreams don’t we 🙂

My three concrete goals are as follows:

  1. As I’m working on a short story at the moment, my first goal is to complete it within the next two months, and to get feedback.  I will post each instalment on Sunday evening (UK time), the next instalment being No.3 of Observing Murder.
  2. To firm up the structure for my novel and begin testing it for feedback.  This is a huge task as there are so many characters involved, so I’m setting my goal for this at three months – just before Christmas (yikes – I said that word).
  3. Increase feedback on my site and to increase my feedback to others – in other words, to create/become part of a supportive network/community with writing as its main interest.  This has to be ongoing so no date set for this.
  4. Because I couldn’t give a definitive concrete goal for number three, number four is to keep writing and posting five days a week – and look on it as a job as well as a pleasure.