A New Year’s Day Walk

Yesterday was a beautiful day so, having donned some boots and a warm waterproof coat, I decided to take the dog for a long walk.   To be honest I didn’t expect the world and her husband to be out at the same time but no matter, there’s plenty of room out on the fell.

Our little town is built at the foot of a steeply climbing ridgemail,  from the top of which are some of the most spectacular views.  It’s a fairly long and steep climb up to the top, and one soon leaves the town behind. 

Along the way we met an orienteering group, families with small children, lots of dogs with their own servants (we servants exchanged our own greetings whilst our owners allowed us a breather before hurrying us along).

The views opened out as we climbed ever higher – though the light seemed to be fading slightly.  At the top I looked around the vast empty expanse – and realised that I was the only person still up there!  Time to head back for home. We’d been out for almost 2 hours and walked and climbed a fair few miles.

On the way back down, right at the edge of civilisation, is a lovely old house which has the most amazing views over the bay.  It also has a beautiful old door which leads, I can only assume, into the garden.  It obviously hasn’t been used for many years.  The timbers are old and rotting, but I often fantasise about what could lie behind this old door – what it hides or protects.   I’ve no idea who lives there, but I envy them this little slice of heaven.

#introtopoetry Day 9: Landscape

#introtopoetry Day 9 suggested ‘Landscape’ as the subject for the daily poem.

We recently visited a beautiful and charming town in Montenegro called Kotor.  We sailed up the fjord-like entry to the town, giant hills on each side reaching down to the water’s edge.  We were eating breakfast, at the time, looking out through the very large floor to ceiling windows when I made a grab for my camera.  I’d seen dragons!  Unfortunately my images haven’t turned out as well as I’d hoped, so I’ve used images from Google Images for this post.

Like sleeping dragons protecting their charges
Craggy fissures in the shape of shoulders
The grey cliff faces resembling tough hide
An eye, closed in silent restful slumber
All is at peace – no threat detected
Guardians lying nose to tail on both sides
Their tails wrapped round the villages lying between their feet and
Nestled along their stomachs, keeping them safe and secure
Protecting their charges from unwanted invaders
Millennia pass as the stars fade and die
As nature takes over and covers the dragons
With verdant green mantles
And still, within the curve of their tails
The curl of their necks
The warmth of their bellies
Families live and die
Oblivious to the benevolent existence of their protectors

Kotor dragon2

One to make you laugh

I love this image.  I came across it a couple of weeks ago when I was trawling through Pinterest (as I do of an evening).  The image makes me laugh, I hope it helps brighten your day too.

It prompted a little poem:

Ok,  I’m up a tree, so how did I end up here
I don’t remember climbing it, it  must have been all that beer
Problem is I can’t get down and the ground’s so far away
I’m holding tight for all my might as the darn thing’s starting to sway

I remember now I had a dream, a dream about a bird
He told me I could definitely fly, at least that’s what I heard
He said I could fly so I thought I’d try, and look where I’ve landed up
So far up this blessed tree I’m really, truly, stuck

Oh woe is me where are my mates, why aren’t they here to help
I want my mum, she’d work it out and then she’d have my pelt
I won’t do this again, I swear, I won’t mum that’s the truth
Just get me down from here before dad’s home and hits the roof

He won’t be pleased his only son’s got stuck atop this tree
He’ll view it as an embarrassment to him and mum from me
Hold on I see an audience, it’s heading straight my way
They’ve got a camera, they’re filming me, that’ll really make dad’s day

I’ll be on the telly, I’ll be famous, I’ll be fêted, loved, adored
My mum won’t know which way to look, my Dad, well he’ll be floored
His son’s a living legend ‘cos he’s done what others can’t
I think I’ll stay up in this tree, I won’t come down, I shan’t

Halloween Short Story: The Feast

A short story for Halloween:  The Feast

It was 11pm at night, the night of All Hallow’s Eve. Dan and Amy, both 18 years old, were walking hand in hand towards a derelict old house.  Dan had thought it would be fun to take Amy to his favourite place, somewhere where they could be on their own, alone, without any worries that ‘The Parents’ would walk in on them just as they got their clothes off.

Amy wasn’t so sure that the idea was that great to be honest, she’d never really had any desire to visit the house, it was far too old and decrepit for her, and she was quite sure that this particular evening was not the night to be walking into the old building.  She turned towards him, slowing him down, and voiced her niggling doubts:  ‘Can’t we find somewhere else Dan, I’m really not wanting to go there in the dark, it’s creepy enough when it’s light but right now it’s kind of spooky’.  Dan looked at her and kissed her on the nose.   ‘Don’t be daft love’, he said, ‘it’s the one place no-one’s going to bother looking for us and I’ve been in it loads of times – nothing’s ever happened’.  Amy shrugged and carried on walking up the windy drive towards the house – a drive which by this time, Amy noticed, was enveloped in floating curls of mist just to add to the creepy ambience of the whole adventure.  She didn’t find it at all romantic, seductive, or anything but scary though she didn’t say anything else to Dan.  He’d gone to a lot of trouble to make everything perfect for her, so he’d said.

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Guest Post for Writing 101 Day 19

Today I’m pleased to feature a guest post from fellow blogger Gina.   Please do click here to see some more of her lovely blog.

Halloween on Liberty Street…OH, USA.


Sir Night is falling from a cloudless sky…

Mr. Full Moon is rising now, casting coolish beams on the landscape below, making eerie, creepy shadows, especially in the local cemetery!  Ooooo what’s that I see?  A misty apparition rising from the grave…


Lord Wind whistles his arrival, winding in and out and around the houses.  Smoke from burning leaves hangs heavy over the land until Lord Wind whisks it away with one hardy whoosh!.

Damn!  Got smoke in my eyes!  Thanks a lot, Lord Wind!

Well, anyway…Welcome to Halloween on Liberty Street!

Hey, com‘on…Join me on a walk down Liberty Street and I’ll tell who’s who and what’s what…

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Our Recent Holiday in Norfolk

I thought I’d share with you three of my favourite subjects today, being food, holidays and architecture, specifically medieval architecture for this post.  We’ve just returned from a holiday in Shropshire and Norfolk – miles apart but both very lovely to see and lovely to drive round and through.  Yes, our holiday encompassed all three of my favourite subjects. I’m really a very lucky girl 🙂 Read more

Writing 101 Day 2

The List Making Urge

Today’s assignment is to write a list about whatever you like really.  I’ve chosen to write three lists, ‘Things I Like’, ‘What I’ve Learned’ and ‘Some Things on my Wish List’.  I’ve limited each to 10 because otherwise I wouldn’t stop.  I’m a list making obsessive – lists exist all over my house, on top of my desk and in my desk drawers at work, in my diaries (yes I have two at the moment), on my iPad (why oh why do Apple provide a list making app – it just makes me write out even more lists).  Most of my lists are, it has to be said, ‘To Do’ lists.  They are helpful, honest they are, but most days I head the morning list with such mundane items as ‘shower, make breakfast, tidy up ….’ – do I really need a list for those everyday tasks?  NO OF COURSE I DON’T – told you I’m an obsessive list maker 🙂

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Beautiful sunset tonight

I just had to share this beautiful sunset tonight. 


It looks as though there is a huge fire behind the house opposite – there really isn’t  ☺

Monday Musings

Family Gathering

This weekend we travelled from our home in the English Lake District to the Blackwater Estuary in Essex. It’s a fairly long journey though we didn’t encounter any traffic problems until we reached our destination, Chelmsford.
That town was a nightmare to drive through  – taking us well over an hour in solid traffic.  There’s something seriously wrong with our road network when the last four miles of one’s 300 mile or so journey takes up one fifth of the total travel time !
However, the journey notwithstanding, it was a brilliant weekend.  We had travelled down to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary  – my hubby’s sister and brother in law’s.

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Monday Musings

Not quite awake

Hmm, not sure what happened but, after I’d finished work today I simply had to go to bed (working from home, luckily).  I don’t know why but I felt really woozy.  I’m beginning to think that it’s a ploy by my inner muse to make me take some time out and think about my characters.  I tend to dream rather vividly these days – sometimes waking myself up because my dream has turned into a nightmare.  But, on the other hand, some of my dreams are really helpful as I wake up with new ideas, new characters, new visions …. that’s the only way I can put it.

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