Hi, my name is Ruth and I live in the beautiful Lake District area in Cumbria, England.

I am currently setting up my own business providing academic learning skills to 6th form students and mature students who are aiming to go to university.

Having spent eight years teaching undergraduates at university, mainly first year students, I very quickly realised that far too many of them had not been equipped with some of the basic skills they need to study at university level.  Once they had been taught the skills they needed, the students gained so much in confidence and in their ability to study effectively and to succeed in their chosen area.

Being equipped with these basic skills means that students can concentrate on their studies properly, without worrying about what is expected of them, or how to find the information/help they need.

learning image

I am happy to work with students on a one to one basis, or with a small group of students.  Small groups work well as students bounce ideas off each other as well as with the tutor.  Both one to one and small group tutoring allow for more tailored sessions – concentrating on the areas concern students the most.

If you live in the Cumbria or North Lancashire area, are a student or a parent, and wish to know more please fill in the form below with your contact details and I’ll be happy to get back to you to discuss further.


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Totally awesome, Ruth! I taught kindergarten here in the states for four years. Private school, advanced reading curriculum. It was such a trip seeing those little kids read at a second grade level by the end of the year. Have kept in touch with a few of them. One of them is going into politics! Blows my mind! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Going to go have a look around now!

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  2. this is amazing!! i, too, am trying to start my own business, but it is absolutely terrifying. i’m definitely going to follow you for motivation of my own.
    teachers are such an invaluable part of society already, but what a bigger difference you can make by going out on your own and shedding the restrictions of standardized tests and rigid curriculum. i wish you the best of luck!!


    1. You’re so right, it is very daunting. I just know it’s what I really want to do. You have to believe in yourself and I wish you luck in your own venture. I love your site, by the way 🙂

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