A late afternoon walk with the dog, a chance to take in the late autumnal colours as the sun begins to set.  Crisp and fresh with gold and copper tones dazzling the eyes – the day moves quickly towards its end.

4 thoughts on “Late autumn colours

  1. Just a quick hallo while I’m online here a while. Hope all is ok with you and yours. I haven’t yet gottn around to buying your story on amazon but it’s still on my list along with a couple of other good finds. Not happy with Kindle’s PC update though but maybe I have a viable kit to try somehow else if it’s not a good pressie for one of mine (or maybe i’ll just be selfish cos they all get so much already really). So, weather warning for later apparently and hoping the floodings not been as dreadful as earlier in the year – although that cliff in your pic worried me, but I get vertigo on the floor never mind the stairs. (It has though seemed as if we’re all falling to pieces at home and abroad, but was maybe just the weird mists and so on. Best wishes and hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas and New Year. Hope to see you blogging again soon πŸ™‚

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    1. Hello Colette, hope all is well with you too.
      So far all is calm on the storm front, though that may well change overnight. Fingers crossed that there’s no repeat of last year’s flooding. There are still families who haven’t been able to move back into their homes yet.
      I finished work today, for Christmas, and plan to do some writing and blogging over the next couple of weeks. NaNoWriMo kept me busy during November, and I now need to pick up that VERY rough draft and start shaping it into something more polished.
      I’ve also got four short stories roughly plotted which I’m planning to work on during the next 12 months. The muse is working overtime!
      I’m still in shock over the political machinations this year – heaven only knows what this world is going to look like in another four or five years. But when the electorate is nurtured on the politics of fear it’s only natural that it’s all regurgitated at the ballot box.
      On a lighter note, all good wishes for the festive season and here’s to 2017 🍾🍾

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