2 thoughts on “Baking day

  1. Hi Ruth, I’ve not been keeping up with blogging (or reading) for ages but just having a peruse today so sprung over here as one of my fave places to visit during WordPress time. Love the sunrise pics, although I must have seen them previously, perhaps whilst in a poorly phase as I appear have not commented nor hit the ‘like’ but don’t remember this cake – it does look lovely! Baking a cake has been on the ‘would like to…’ portion of my ToDo list for several days now as I’ve not managed any home-baking since Xmas 2014(!) I used to love home-baking and there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of eating cake made yourself. I hope you’re well and everything’s working out ok for you and yours, and that your writing projects are going well for you. I still have purchasing your book on my wishlist but not at all into Kindle since they ruined the app on my computer and made it too bright. I’ll have to check amazon – just in case there’s a print-on-demand version available yet. Hope to see you around the blogosphere again sometime. Best wishes 🙂


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