Yesterday was a beautiful day so, having donned some boots and a warm waterproof coat, I decided to take the dog for a long walk.   To be honest I didn’t expect the world and her husband to be out at the same time but no matter, there’s plenty of room out on the fell.

Our little town is built at the foot of a steeply climbing ridgemail,  from the top of which are some of the most spectacular views.  It’s a fairly long and steep climb up to the top, and one soon leaves the town behind. 

Along the way we met an orienteering group, families with small children, lots of dogs with their own servants (we servants exchanged our own greetings whilst our owners allowed us a breather before hurrying us along).

The views opened out as we climbed ever higher – though the light seemed to be fading slightly.  At the top I looked around the vast empty expanse – and realised that I was the only person still up there!  Time to head back for home. We’d been out for almost 2 hours and walked and climbed a fair few miles.

On the way back down, right at the edge of civilisation, is a lovely old house which has the most amazing views over the bay.  It also has a beautiful old door which leads, I can only assume, into the garden.  It obviously hasn’t been used for many years.  The timbers are old and rotting, but I often fantasise about what could lie behind this old door – what it hides or protects.   I’ve no idea who lives there, but I envy them this little slice of heaven.

7 thoughts on “A New Year’s Day Walk

    1. Hi Cheryl, Happy New Year to you. Why are we thinking of moving? Good question. We live in a flat over a shop but we have three floors in our flat – so two full staircases plus one from the ground floor up to our living floor. We have to carry our shopping up a flight of stairs before we enter our home. It’s getting too much to be honest, and I can see it being a real problem in a few more years. (My husband is quite a bit older than myself and was very ill a few years ago. His illness left him quite weak on his left side).
      The town we live in is built on a steep hill, but we’re very lucky and are on the lower level so it’s almost flat. We’re also a stones throw from the centre where all the shops and services are. Unfortunately there is next to nothing in a similar position which would give us the same space. We’d have to move quite a way out of the centre (up the very steep hill) before we could find anything we could afford which wouldn’t mean moving into a rabbit hutch.
      Our children have both moved many miles away from us, one much further than the other. The area we are looking at is pretty much equidistant between them both and my parents. It’s also a part of the country which we love.
      I think, though, that more than anything, we’re both ready for a move which we should have taken a few years ago.
      However, we shall have to wait and see what transpires. 😀

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      1. Well the stairs would certainly make me want to move, too. We only have six going up from the front door and six going down and it’s pert near too much for both of us. It’s such an overwhelming thought — the moving I mean — isn’t it? Opher over at Opher’s World just moved and it pert near did him in!

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    1. Strange you should mention it – I’ve just been writing my thoughts down in my journal, wondering where I’ll be this time next year. We decided to put our house up for sale a few months ago and, hopefully, move to a different part of the country, though we haven’t had a sniff so far. It will be a huge wrench as I’ve lived here almost all of my life. I keep weighing up the pros and cons of moving …

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