I’ve just signed up for @NaNoWriMo and I’m looking forward to starting the challenge on the 1st November.

What I’m aiming for is a full first draft of my first novel – though I’ll settle for almost a full draft, as long as I complete the 50,000 words!  I’ve had a novel jumping around in my head now for the past three or four months, the characters are all there, the plot is almost all there and I even know where they live – I just need to get it out of my head and onto paper, so NaNoWriMo is the perfect tool to get me doing that.  I embrace structure and deadlines – I feel adrift if there is no real need to do something.  I’m as good as the next person at prevaricating so … roll on the 1st of November 🙂

A Little Something for the Weekend


I should have said that I swapped phone numbers with both Jeremy and Jennifer before I left the restaurant the previous evening.  This morning, at 7.30am, I had a phone call from Jeremy.  It went like this:

Jeremy:  ‘Naomi, thank you so much for agreeing to see me last night, and for being so positive and helpful.  My mother is so pleased that you’ve agreed to help us and is already ensuring your room will be ready for you’.

Me:  ‘Well that’s…..’

Jeremy:  ‘Mother has asked me to arrange for your luggage, etc., to be collected.  If that’s ok, can you have them left with the receptionist and they will be collected around 2pm’?

Me:  ‘Oh, I …..’

Jeremy:  ‘Brilliant.  Call me whenever you’ve finished and wherever you are, and I’ll arrange a taxi to collect you and take you straight to the house.’

Me:  ‘Thank you but that’s not really necessary, I’ll …….’

Jeremy:  ‘No, no, we won’t take no for an answer.  Mother’s already arranged with grandmother to gain access to the attic so we should have something to look at when you arrive – after dinner, of course.  See you later then.  Bye.’

Then he hung up.  Fait accompli.

I wasn’t at all sure how I felt about having my next few days organised so comprehensively.  I was pleased that I was going to be able to have access to some primary source material but, on the other hand, I was also aware that I didn’t know what use they might turn out to be, nor was I entirely sure that actually being based in the family home was necessarily a good thing.   I’d just have to wait and see on both counts.

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Looking ahead – Writing 101: Day 20

Writing 101 has been one wonderful ride – pushing me to try new writing styles, experiment with word length, engage more with the blogging community (still working on that one), and providing me with the confidence to identify the way I want to write.  For all that I am so grateful.

Today, the last day, we are to look towards the future and ask ‘what’s next’?  When I looked at the assignment, at 3.30am, I spent some time musing about where I really do see myself this time next year.  Later on I wrote down in a list the actions I need to take over the next 12 months (yes, for those who follow me, list time again).  The list is as follows: Read more

Guest Post for Writing 101 Day 19

Today I’m pleased to feature a guest post from fellow blogger Gina.   Please do click here to see some more of her lovely blog.

Halloween on Liberty Street…OH, USA.


Sir Night is falling from a cloudless sky…

Mr. Full Moon is rising now, casting coolish beams on the landscape below, making eerie, creepy shadows, especially in the local cemetery!  Ooooo what’s that I see?  A misty apparition rising from the grave…


Lord Wind whistles his arrival, winding in and out and around the houses.  Smoke from burning leaves hangs heavy over the land until Lord Wind whisks it away with one hardy whoosh!.

Damn!  Got smoke in my eyes!  Thanks a lot, Lord Wind!

Well, anyway…Welcome to Halloween on Liberty Street!

Hey, com‘on…Join me on a walk down Liberty Street and I’ll tell who’s who and what’s what…

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Wandering aimlessly in Venice

The assignment for Writing 101 today (day 18) is to take or use a map as a muse.  I love maps, it doesn’t matter where they’re from or what they show, I just love maps.  I have a drawer full of different types of maps, all created to show something very different, whether it be roads, housing estates, land ownership etc., and also copies of historical maps drawn up in the 18th and 19th centuries.  It was a struggle to decide which type of map to use.  I pondered on this all day.  Then I decided to look through the tourist type maps we always pick up when on holiday and, eureka, I found this one of Venice which immediately took me back to one of my most favourite memories.

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The penultimate day

Today was the penultimate day in my current place of employment.  The team I work with, and I, are being transferred over to another employer on Thursday, and today was the day when we had to clear out our office.  Tomorrow will be our last team meeting in our, now, very empty working space.   The experience has prompted a little poem:


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A Little Something for the Weekend


By 6.30pm I was dressed to kill, perfumed and immaculately made up. I was pleased with what I saw in the mirror, apart from the slippers – I so had to remember to put my heels on before I went out. I had folded up the piece of paper on which I’d listed my questions I wanted to have answered, together with some idea of how I was going to find those answers. If I could persuade Jeremy to help me with at least some of them, then that would surely prove a great help.

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Short Short Stories – Very Short Stories

I thought I’d share this site with you today.  It has a number of links to short and very short stories which is something I’m interested in taking further.  I’ve found I like writing short stories, never having been something I’ve ever tried before.  The site has some very useful hints and tips.

Read short short stories by our contributors, and publish your own. Here are some tricks to help you write successful flash fiction or very short stories.

Source: Short Short Stories – Very Short Stories