#everydayinspiration Day 8:An Ode to Shoes

I’m always getting reprimanded for leaving my shoes lying around the house.  I love shoes (and boots), and have a good sized collection amassed over the years.  The problem is, I’ve run out of storage space for them and I’m loath to part with any of them.

Dear Self

You really must sort out your shoes
They’ve invaded the entire house
They’re in the bathroom, lounge and hall
Why don’t you build a shelf
To house the pairs which will not fit
In the wardrobe or under the stairs
Or indeed the spare room
Let me think, is there somewhere else
Where you’ve secreted yet more shoes
Or is it boots this time
Do you really wear them all
Of course, they are divine
I’ll give you that – you know I will
That’s really not the point
You see there’s no room left to house
Your husband, dog and self
Perhaps a move is on the cards
Somewhere with extra space
To house those shoes and boots you love
Is that a smile upon your face?


#everydayinspiration Day 5: Quote

Marcus Tullius Cicero

A room without books is like a body without a soul.

I cannot help but agree.  When I go into a house where books are either hidden or simply don’t play a role in the life of the inhabitants, I can’t rid myself of the feeling of emptiness.

I’m aware how harsh that must sound, but it’s true for me.  The quote has inspired a poem:


A World without Books

Empty and desolate
Unwelcoming and unfriendly
Without depth or substance
Without magic, without life
Lacking comfort and familiarity
Barren, soulless
Unseeing and unknowing

#everydayinspiration Day 3: Regret

REGRET – A poem

Returning, endlessly, to a past we cannot change
Each road taken has led to where we are now
Give up the self-recriminations, the sighed ‘if only I’d done…’
Reach out to the future and right those wrongs
Embrace the opportunity to try a different road
Take life’s lessons and learn from them

#introtopoetry Day 9: Landscape

#introtopoetry Day 9 suggested ‘Landscape’ as the subject for the daily poem.

We recently visited a beautiful and charming town in Montenegro called Kotor.  We sailed up the fjord-like entry to the town, giant hills on each side reaching down to the water’s edge.  We were eating breakfast, at the time, looking out through the very large floor to ceiling windows when I made a grab for my camera.  I’d seen dragons!  Unfortunately my images haven’t turned out as well as I’d hoped, so I’ve used images from Google Images for this post.

Like sleeping dragons protecting their charges
Craggy fissures in the shape of shoulders
The grey cliff faces resembling tough hide
An eye, closed in silent restful slumber
All is at peace – no threat detected
Guardians lying nose to tail on both sides
Their tails wrapped round the villages lying between their feet and
Nestled along their stomachs, keeping them safe and secure
Protecting their charges from unwanted invaders
Millennia pass as the stars fade and die
As nature takes over and covers the dragons
With verdant green mantles
And still, within the curve of their tails
The curl of their necks
The warmth of their bellies
Families live and die
Oblivious to the benevolent existence of their protectors

Kotor dragon2

#introtopoetry Day 8: Pleasure

#introtopoetry Day 8 suggested the word ‘Pleasure’.  Last time I did this course I wrote a poem about my love of reading.  This time it got me thinking of all the little things which give me so much pleasure.

Dappled light illuminating nature’s jewels as the soft breeze
Gently ripples through the flower beds
The fresh, clean smell of a frosty winter’s morning
Icicles dripping like Christmas decorations amongst the foliage
A bottle of wine shared with friends
On a warm, placid, star-lit evening
The first cry of a new-born baby which
Captures the heart and fills it with unconditional love
The sound of children’s innocent laughter
Their voices squealing with happiness
The comfortable silence of two people who converse without words
Loving and living in harmony over the years
Sharing memories to be treasured forever

#introtopoetry Day 6: Screen

The title for the poem on day 6 of the #introtopoetry course was ‘Screen’, with the suggestion that we might like to try the poetic device ‘enjambment’ – a non-rhyming sentence or two, spreading over lines.

Your manner disturbs me, I don’t like
your soul.  I’ve blanked you out
so you can’t hurt me.


#introtopoetry Day 5: Imperfect

Playing catch-up again.  This poem is for Day 5 of the #introtopoetry course for which we were tasked with writing a limerick about the imperfect nature of someone or something.

My lord but you do have a temper
I wonder what’s eating your centre
I know it’s not much
For to me you’re nonsuch
But you could try to be a bit gentler

nonsuch:  noun

1 archaic A person or thing regarded as excellent or perfect.

Life’s Journey

Day four of the poetry course I’ve joined – and still playing catch up.  It’s day five, so another poem to write at some point today.

The topic for this poem was given as ‘Journey’.  I’ve interpreted it to mean Life’s Journey.


Everyone’s life is a journey
It begins the day we are born
The future’s a mystery hidden from view
The present is all we can see

Our choices determine the path we will take
A wrong step and we risk a steep fall
We need friends beside us to bolster us when
The path ahead seems a long way

If we’re lucky we meet our life’s partner
Someone with whom we can share our foray
Into the journey which spreads out before us
And support one another each day

Eventually the road long travelled
Will lead us all to our journey’s end
It’s the people we’ve chosen to share our long walk
Who will help us to take that last bend

The Trickling Brook


I’ve opted to do Poetry 101 again, having enjoyed it so much last time.  However, I’m late in publishing the first of the poems so am playing catch up.  The first poem is a Haiku.


Lazy trickling brook
Silver shards of captured light
Peaceful tinkling sound