Last month we spent a fabulous eight days in Italy.  We walked our socks off wandering round Venice, Florence and Rome.  Because it was late in the season the temperature was very comfortable, which meant we could walk for miles – and we did. The photograph above was taken in Trajan’s Forum where there are a number of sculptures of horses – each of them different – all of them breathtaking in their execution.  The backdrop is an arcade of ancient roman shops (the market), built on a number of levels.

We spent a good three hours trying to take in the vastness of the complex which last time we visited (over a decade ago), had not been excavated.

The above image was also taken whilst we were in Rome.  This is a very small part of a vast complex which the Emperor Nero had built and which was known as his Golden Palace.   It’s only open at weekends so we were very lucky to be able to see the excavations as they stand at the moment.  The paintings you can see are close to 2,000 years old and would, originally, have covered the walls.

It makes me wonder what else is lying hidden away under the streets of Rome.  The city is one massive museum.

2 thoughts on “Captivating sculpture in Trajan’s Forum, Rome

  1. With the romans in Rome it appears it was more to do with obliterating the works of the previous Emperor. Later on I guess there would be a lot of robbing out of walls etc., as later inhabitants took stone with which to build their own dwellings. I imagine there was a lot of covering over too. Some of the buildings were vast – far too big to dismantle or repurpose.
    Having said that, the sheer amount and size of the buildings which are being constantly unearthed is truly mind-blowing. The centre of Rome is stuffed full of roman remains, with new discoveries being made all the time.
    I could kick myself because I saw the most beautiful mosaic on the edge of the main Forum. It was obvious there had been a great deal of archaeological work done there, but the mosaic looked so fresh and modern that I simply couldn’t believe it wasn’t a replica so I didn’t take a photograph. It was ancient – 2000 years old! If I can find an image of it on the web I’ll post it.
    The horses were modern, but stunningly good.


  2. For the life of me I can’t get my mind around how cities are built ON TOP of other cities. I just can’t grasp how that happens. Though this country is so young compared to Europe and Britain, still, it’s the same in Chicago, New York, Montreal… Blows my mind. What captured my attention was the EYE on that horse!


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