Had to share this. What a lovely piece of prose. It should be repeated every morning with breakfast 😀

Kay Morris Writes

Courtesy of Growing Bolder via Facebook

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5 thoughts on “Anything is Possible!

  1. Ah thank you. Are you doing NaNo this year? I’ve got a plot in mind for this year – it’s slowly bubbling away. It’ll want to break free shortly so NaNo’s looking like the perfect vehicle to work it through.


    1. Hi Cheryl, still ongoing at the moment. The property market is rather slow at this time of year, apparently, but is due to pick up again now that the kids have gone back to school. No idea where the connection is there 🙂
      We’re slowly editing our accumulated bits and pieces – no end of stuff collected over 30 years of living here. It’s very cathartic with the upside being that it frees up space we didn’t know we had. We have to be careful and resist temptation to fill it again!
      I’m sort of relieved that we’re not under any pressure as it gives us time to look round the area we want to move to during different seasons. Things always look better during the summer – when it’s pouring with rain or icy underfoot it’s a very different prospect and we’re moving a fair way away from where we currently live – by UK standards anyway. It’s probably a hop skip and a jump for anyone living in the states 🙂

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