Last weekend my dog and I went exploring further than usual.  It was a glorious day, warm with a lovely breeze to keep us cool.

We’d taken a route which leads through a steeply rising wood, following a path which leads either to a wider path back out of the woods, or across a stile and up a fairly steep incline through open land to the summit of a hill which overlooks the bay.

I hadn’t been up to the top in, probably, 20 years – so it was high time I revisited. I’d forgotten how steep it is but it’s not too far.  The scenery is beautiful to behold.  Wild, craggy, windswept and open.  

There are often cows or sheep grazing up there and down near the woods but, on this day, there was no livestock within sight.  This meant that Mischa could run round to her heart’s content – and she loved it.

We saw about a dozen people in all, dressed in hiking boots, sensible waterproof jackets, walking poles and rucksacks.  Obviously taking their walk seriously!

I, on the other hand, was seriously underdressed in linen trousers, light cotton blouse and Birkenstocks.  I had poop bags for the dog and my phone, with which I took these images on the way back down from the top.

It was a great walk and next time we go I’ll approach it from a different path. Might even take a backpack and have my lunch up there – and some water would be good too.

2 thoughts on “View from the top

  1. Oh my gosh! Look how far you can see! I’m so looking forward to seeing some of the English countryside when we come over for our cruise next year, though we’ll only be going from London to Southampton.

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