If we were sharing a pot of coffee right now you’d be sitting on my balcony overlooking the park opposite my house, and the bay with the hills on the opposite shore which are covered in colours of hazy blue, deepening to dark purple in the distance.

You’d see how the water is slowly meandering into the bay, following the channels which cut into the sand, leaving patterns of ice blue criss-crossing the red-brown earth.  It looks so inviting – but it’s deadly.  You’d also see one area already filled with water, the sun reflected in the small wavelets as the light breeze brushes over the surface – creating glints of silver and sparkling as though made of  precious diamonds.

We’d probably not talk very much -the birds are twittering away and their chatter is magical and relaxing.  It’s pleasant to listen and allow their music to soothe the soul.

Help yourself to another cup of coffee and a croissant, they’re lovely and warm, then I’d love to hear about your place – where you live and what you love about your home.

5 thoughts on “#everydayinspiration Day11: A virtual pot of coffee

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