I’m always getting reprimanded for leaving my shoes lying around the house.  I love shoes (and boots), and have a good sized collection amassed over the years.  The problem is, I’ve run out of storage space for them and I’m loath to part with any of them.

Dear Self

You really must sort out your shoes
They’ve invaded the entire house
They’re in the bathroom, lounge and hall
Why don’t you build a shelf
To house the pairs which will not fit
In the wardrobe or under the stairs
Or indeed the spare room
Let me think, is there somewhere else
Where you’ve secreted yet more shoes
Or is it boots this time
Do you really wear them all
Of course, they are divine
I’ll give you that – you know I will
That’s really not the point
You see there’s no room left to house
Your husband, dog and self
Perhaps a move is on the cards
Somewhere with extra space
To house those shoes and boots you love
Is that a smile upon your face?



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