Well yes, procrastination.  Something I’m very good at.  I’m currently working on my third novel but I haven’t yet written a word – though, in my defence, I do have an outline.

Why haven’t I written a word yet?  My answer would be that I’m thinking.  Thinking, I would argue, helps me generate links and pulls threads together.  I can now tell myself I’m almost ready to sit down and write – just a few more lumps to iron out in my mind.  Transitions are especially tricky.  Re-introducing characters into their new settings, giving them tasks, these too are taking up my thinking time.  I need to kill an elderly lady – she has to die – I don’t want to do it as I’m very fond of her but…

Does taking time out to think of other things – do other jobs, fill one’s time in seemingly unproductive ways, mean productivity is somehow hampered, or worse – killed?

I don’t believe so – at least not in my experience.  I come back knowing what I need to do and how to do it.  That elusive solution has popped into my head and untangled the knot of strangled creativity.

Procrastination can be a good thing.


2 thoughts on “#everydayinspiration Day 7: Procrastination

  1. A quick catch up visit, briefly – I sometimes wonder if what we might call procrastinating is just a need for diffuse-thinking mode time, hence those ‘aha!’ moments that arrive when we perhaps least expect them. Somehow though, procrastinating, or to say we procrastinate, seems quite fashionable 🙂

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