Writing – if asked where and how do I write I would have to answer everywhere and anywhere, however and with whatever comes to hand (or fingers).

At work I spend my day glued to my computer screen entering data for someone else to analyse.  However I also jot down, in the back of my desk diary, numerous little ideas which pop into my head during the day.  (The diary is my own, by the way, not office property – as is the pen I write with, come to think of it).

I write during my lunch break – again in my diary or, alternatively, using the Simplenote app on my phone.  I’ve also got it downloaded to my iPad and I access it from my computer, so any notes made on my phone I can pick up anywhere.  I really should make more use of it but I find it takes an age to jot anything substantial down on such a tiny screen 🙂  However, I have used it to write out a few blog posts which I just copy and paste when I’m ready to post them.

I also have a writing table, complete with desktop computer with a lovely large screen.  This I use to write my novels – the serious work, so to speak.  I look out over a lovely park and, beyond that, to the bay and the hills opposite which surround it.

I use my laptop to write blog posts on – I find it easier to move it around the house to where I want to be, rather than be tethered to my writing desk.  Blogging, for me, is therapeutic and must be done when I’m in the mood and where I happen to feel comfortable.  If that means writing outside then so be it.  Currently, I’m sat in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee (stone cold but I don’t take milk – so almost an iced coffee).

For some reason, I feel as though I’ve achieved something if I manage to write a few words as soon as I get up in the mornings.  Problem is, I need to take my dog for a walk first, sort her breakfast out, sort mine out, get showered and then my lunch packed on work days, then get to the office for 7:45am.  Weekends are easier.  I still get up at 5am but it gives me time to do more with my early mornings.  Hence I’m sitting here writing this 🙂

My iPad is my evening writing tool, though I find it difficult to write anything very detailed on it as, for some reason, the cursor jumps around like an angry wasp.  No idea why.

Just looking through my post I’ve comer to the conclusion that I can write anywhere and with (almost) anything – yay 🙂  Does that make me an obsessive I wonder?

I’d love to know how and where you all write – or find the time to write.



3 thoughts on “#everydayinspiration Day 6: The Space to Write

  1. What lovely structure you have Ruth. I’m going to try getting up early and doing some editing tomorrow. I write in a notepad on the train to and from work, I type in my laptop at lunch in a library down the block from work and at night I work on dining room table. No view but it is close to the kitchen 😏

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