REGRET – A poem

Returning, endlessly, to a past we cannot change
Each road taken has led to where we are now
Give up the self-recriminations, the sighed ‘if only I’d done…’
Reach out to the future and right those wrongs
Embrace the opportunity to try a different road
Take life’s lessons and learn from them


2 thoughts on “#everydayinspiration Day 3: Regret

  1. I think I could do with returning to the course again Colette. I got so much from it all those months ago – I love writing poetry but my novels take up so much of my time. Not that I’m complaining as I love writing, but I’d love to find some spare time to concentrate on poetry for a little while.
    Spring is definitely on it’s way – snowdrops, daffodils and crocus are popping up everywhere making all the verges look so pretty. We’ve had a fair bit of rain too, good for the flowers but not so good for dog walking 😉
    Hope you enjoy the course. Best wishes, Ruth.


  2. Hallo Ruth, I enjoyed your poem in response to the task and regret not being around to read your stuff while you were making these posts and missed them- and quite a few others along the way of having one of those years. I’m retaking this workshop so stumbled on your responses in the reader, but only reading posts for the tasks I completed. I’m even avoiding what i wrote for responses when I did the class the first time round – can’t believe 18months can fly by so fast! Anyway, your kindle book is still on my wishlist if I can make the app work when I set my tablet up, very slow getting round to it but hope things are going well since your launch. Guess you’re very busy. Hope the weather’s being kind in your part of the world and I’m just peeking at your day one and two next, hitting your home page in case i missed new posts in my notifications, although none when I’ve looked recently. I’ll be dropping back to read more of your responses as I complete each days task and go looking for some to read afterward. Best wishes, Colette.


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