#introtopoetry Day 9 suggested ‘Landscape’ as the subject for the daily poem.

We recently visited a beautiful and charming town in Montenegro called Kotor.  We sailed up the fjord-like entry to the town, giant hills on each side reaching down to the water’s edge.  We were eating breakfast, at the time, looking out through the very large floor to ceiling windows when I made a grab for my camera.  I’d seen dragons!  Unfortunately my images haven’t turned out as well as I’d hoped, so I’ve used images from Google Images for this post.

Like sleeping dragons protecting their charges
Craggy fissures in the shape of shoulders
The grey cliff faces resembling tough hide
An eye, closed in silent restful slumber
All is at peace – no threat detected
Guardians lying nose to tail on both sides
Their tails wrapped round the villages lying between their feet and
Nestled along their stomachs, keeping them safe and secure
Protecting their charges from unwanted invaders
Millennia pass as the stars fade and die
As nature takes over and covers the dragons
With verdant green mantles
And still, within the curve of their tails
The curl of their necks
The warmth of their bellies
Families live and die
Oblivious to the benevolent existence of their protectors

Kotor dragon2

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