#introtopoetry Day 8 suggested the word ‘Pleasure’.  Last time I did this course I wrote a poem about my love of reading.  This time it got me thinking of all the little things which give me so much pleasure.

Dappled light illuminating nature’s jewels as the soft breeze
Gently ripples through the flower beds
The fresh, clean smell of a frosty winter’s morning
Icicles dripping like Christmas decorations amongst the foliage
A bottle of wine shared with friends
On a warm, placid, star-lit evening
The first cry of a new-born baby which
Captures the heart and fills it with unconditional love
The sound of children’s innocent laughter
Their voices squealing with happiness
The comfortable silence of two people who converse without words
Loving and living in harmony over the years
Sharing memories to be treasured forever

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