The prompt for the second day was ‘Face’.  I remember last time I did the poetry writing course I opted for the faces of a clock in the end.  This time it’s my two adorable grandsons I’m writing about.  No pictures, unfortunately, as I haven’t been able to ask permission from one of my offspring as they’re away on holiday.

#intro to poetry

Two sweet faces, each one different
Innocently smiling, their eyes alight with wonder
As they explore the world around them
Forever eternally dear and treasured
Our grandsons, each one a precious miracle
Their futures awaiting their presence
So many choices to make, but not yet
Their adventures are only just beginning


5 thoughts on “Sweet Faces

    1. It’s so lovely watching grandchildren grow – wondering how they’re going to turn out, what they’ll do and where life will take them. More so as they’re their parents’responsibility 😊


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