Day four of the poetry course I’ve joined – and still playing catch up.  It’s day five, so another poem to write at some point today.

The topic for this poem was given as ‘Journey’.  I’ve interpreted it to mean Life’s Journey.


Everyone’s life is a journey
It begins the day we are born
The future’s a mystery hidden from view
The present is all we can see

Our choices determine the path we will take
A wrong step and we risk a steep fall
We need friends beside us to bolster us when
The path ahead seems a long way

If we’re lucky we meet our life’s partner
Someone with whom we can share our foray
Into the journey which spreads out before us
And support one another each day

Eventually the road long travelled
Will lead us all to our journey’s end
It’s the people we’ve chosen to share our long walk
Who will help us to take that last bend


One thought on “Life’s Journey

  1. Or the opposite can also be true. They can be the ones who KEEP us from finishing our journey. I guess that’s why it’s important to choose our friends with care. The first bookmark I ever bought when I was in junior high school was a leather on with an owl at the top. It said, “Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen.” I disagree about few books, but I think it was spot on about friends. (I now have over 200 bookmarks!)


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