I’ve recently started a new blog, here on WordPress, called lilydarleywrites where I aim to post pieces of my WIPs, draft paragraphs, or chapters, and also new story ideas as they whirl around my tiny brain.  It’s currently only got a couple of posts on it, but I hope to start filling it up soon.  I posted a vignette today about a new short story idea.

If you’re interested you can find it here or above.

Towards the end of this month I will be publishing (on Kindle), the second part of my series Dead and Talking under my pen name Lily Darley.  I’m looking forward to having the second part out of the way so I can start on part three.  I printed it all off today, or at least as much of it as I could manage before the black cartridge ran out!  Tomorrow I’ll have to head off into town to purchase some more cartridges (in bulk this time).

I envy those who can edit on the computer screen – it must save a small fortune in printer ink!  Unfortunately I’ve never been able to do that – I need the printed word in front of me, ready to scratch through something which doesn’t work and with a blank page next to it on which I can insert the new improved (hopefully), version.

Ah well, it’s all fun – and the sun is shining right now, the evenings are much lighter and summer is (apparently) on the way.  Looking out of my window, from my writing desk, I can see clear across the bay to the houses and hills on the other side.  It’s a beautiful sight and inspires me to keep on writing.  There are two small boys cycling through the park opposite, and a little girl has just walked in with her father and a ball –  which she’s now kicking around.   It’s lovely to see it being used and enjoyed by all ages and at all times of the day.

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