I have to apologise for not posting over the last fortnight.  We’ve been on holiday, cruising from Turkey to Venice, but the wifi signal was too intermitant to be reliable.  

However, our break has prompted today’s Wednesday Word:  Vacation.


What does the word ‘vacation’ mean to you?  For myself it means a time to step outside of the normal humdrum working structure; doing something different with your time; using every minute to do something different.  Taking a vacation, or holiday, doesn’t have to mean packing a suitcase and travelling to somewhere different. However, for this particular vacation that’s exactly what we did.

This last 10 days has been two years in the planning.  Two full years of high expectations, reading up about our destinations and sorting out what we were going to take with us.

We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary whilst we were away, which is why we’d booked this holiday so early.  We’d chosen a cruise which started in Istanbul and terminated in Venice, visiting Ephesus, Athens, Santorini, Kotor, Dubrovnik and Pula in between.  Unfortunately, due to the problems Istanbul is experiencing at the moment, our itinerary was changed at the last minute.  We were informed we would be visiting Troy instead – what bliss!  TROY – of all the ancient sits in the world, this was one I never thought I’d ever get to see.  

We left our home in the very early hours of Easter Sunday – the day the clocks went forward for us – and returned last night.  In between we’ve had the most amazing holiday and met so many lovely people, mainly from America and Canada.  However, the staff and crew on the ship (Viking Star), were of all nationalities.  

It was fascinating talking to these amazing young men and women who, without exception, went out of their way to be helpful.  So many of them shared their stories freely, and we learned so much from them.  It was, of course, a two way process.  The housekeeping staff were all wanting to improve their English and learn all about the countries they passed through, and the countries the guests came from, and the guests wanted to learn all about the countries they visited and the countries the staff came from.   As a result, we all learned from each other – what better way to learn.

This particular trip has been so relaxing, both for body and mind, and I’m now fully rested and in the right frame of mind for going back to work on Monday.

Best of all, we picked up our dog, Mischa, this morning from my parents.  What an amazing greeting we were given.  It’s so lovely to be loved so unconditionally – I think only dogs can make me feel this way 😀

I’d love to know what the word ‘vacation’ means to you.  


4 thoughts on “ Wednesday Word – Vacation

    1. The photo was taken as we were moored up opposite Kusadasi. We were about to leave on our excursion to Ephesus – somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. It certainly didn’t disappoint, though we saw only a small portion of the site. We’ll just have to go back some time.


  1. Sounds like a fab holiday. Shame only dogs make you feel loved unconditionally when you have a family that loves you too. Perhaps spend more time with your grandchildren, get to know them and then you will feel even more love. Glad your refreshed. Hope to see you soon mum xx


    1. Hello honeybun. Yes, I wish we all lived closer to one another, we will one day but not whilst your grandparents are still alive. Wish I didn’t have to work, but I do. Would love to spend more time with the boys, and that day will come. In the meantime we have a loopy dog who needs walks and never stops wagging her tail.
      We’ll see you in May – and certainly for the little man’s birthday 🙂 xxx

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