Welcome to Wednesday Word.  Each Wednesday I pick a word, think about it during my coffee break, and then write whatever comes to mind.  I would love it if you joined in.  Write whatever you like and then link it to my page so I can take a peak at your interpretation.

I admit I usually end up writing a poem but, occasionally, I just write.  Today is one of the latter days.  I have a word prompt app on my phone so, not having any other external inspiration, I opened that app and looked at the half dozen words it gave me.  None of them spoke to me so I tried again.  This time the app came up with, amongst other words, the word ‘chameleon’.  Lovely word, I thought, and promptly began to write.


Slow moving, old world lizard with a prehensile tail, long extensible tongue, protruding eyes that rotate independently, and a highly developed ability to change colour to match its surroundings.

OR:  A person who changes their opinions or behaviour according to the situation to please others.

GREEK:  khamai – on the ground
leon – lion

Aren’t we all more than one person?
Don’t we all try to fit ourselves into our surroundings?
Not many people want to stand out from the crowd
We all need to feel accepted
But then there are those who work hard at being elusive
The ones whose characters are not quite visible
Others deliberately alter their stance
And try to be all things to all men (or women)

At the top of the tree are those who rely
On keeping us on their side
Promoting themselves as being just like ‘us’
Is their most important task
It is pure deceit
To change sides to whomever is winning
In order to maintain their position
Is the sum total of their integrity

A chameleon changes its colour to hide
It’s a protective mechanism
A politician changes his/her colour to survive
To be seen, to stay in the limelight
Both uses are natural forms of survival
All chameleons hide behind a falsehood






5 thoughts on “Wednesday Word

  1. As I read what came to mind (before you mentioned the word “politician” was the political maelstrom going on now in the USA. I wonder… whose deceit will win out, pinning his/her star to the top of the presidential tree…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s all very worrying because the outcome will affect world politics. The thought of one particular person storming his way to the top doesn’t fill me with much confidence I’m afraid.


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