Welcome to Wednesday Word.  Each Wednesday I pick a word, have a little think about it during my coffee break at work, then write down whatever comes to mind.  Please feel free to join in, if you’d like to, mentioning my page with a pingback so I can pop over and see what you’ve made of the word.

Today, whilst eating my lunch, I overheard a conversation in which the word ‘abandon’ was used.  For some reason I homed in on that one word and started a list of the words and phrases which popped into my head.  At the top of my list were ‘merriment, music, singing, dancing, festival, celebration, Jazz, 1920s‘ and much more…

So, the word today is ‘Abandon’ and my offering is a poem, a poem which came about because of the words which formed in my mind as a result of an overheard snatch of conversation.


The beat begins, the strings join in,
And soon there’s syncopated rhythm
Feel the music, the heat
Hear that sound, it’s so sweet
It gets deep into the soul
Exciting, untamed, amazingly free
A celebration of gay abandon
The bright young things, so young, so pretty
Colourful, vibrant, alive
Grasping life’s pleasures before they’re spent
Ignoring the fact they survived
Tomorrow’s not here yet
And yesterday’s gone
It’s today so they live in the present
Imagine the desperation of knowing
This merriment is all a façade
The fabrics to die for, expensive, well cut
What’s money for but to have a good time
Their brothers and fathers, their uncles and friends
Too many died before they’d lived a full life
So, they partied till daylight and never let up
To  celebrate the fact they survived
But guilt is a canker and soon turns to anger
Such hedonism couldn’t last
They opened their eyes to the truth of the lies
As their wealth faded fast in the daylight
The stock market crash left them looking for cash
The long party well and truly abandoned

Image credit:  Cover of Life, 2/18/1926 illustration by John Held.
How to do the Charleston

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Word

  1. Fleetwood Mac, one of my all time favourite groups – I loved (still love) their music. Must look out Rumours and Tusk – both on CD in the house somewhere!
    The 1920s fascinate me – and the lessons that period can teach us still remain ignored. I fear we’re heading backwards towards a time of chaos, distrust, greed and hedonism. Where those who have nothing are deemed to be nothing, where those who have far more than enough are deemed important and special.
    A world where the ability to kick a ball into a goal with amazing regularity is worth more than the men and women who, daily, work crazy hours saving people’s lives and are rewarded with barely enough to pay their mortgages. It’s all upside down, and wrong.
    Think I’ll go and search for those CDs now – I’m obviously in need of a little light music to soothe my soul 🤔

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  2. Fleetwood Mac would say probably say:
    “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow
    Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here
    It’ll be, better than before,
    Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone.”

    Great message in your poem – it’s philosophical, moral and utterly apt for these times.
    I love the lines:
    “They opened their eyes to the truth of the lies
    As their wealth faded fast in the daylight.”

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    1. Hmm, it’s a different life really isn’t it? I’m not sure that time changes very much when it comes to the very wealthy. For some reason far too many of them believe they’re entitled to behave however they like – as though wealth gives them the right to do and say anything they want.
      You only have to look at successful politicians – here the leading politicians come from wealthy families – their ‘friends’ are from the same class, the people they surround themselves with aspire to, or already, move in the same circles.
      Others buy their way in – and some of them buy their way to the top. It’s all very worrying. I’m sure there are thousands of other men and women who would be far more suited to lead – and who have a much better idea of what it means to live within their means.
      Ah well, off my soapbox. I need to finish my breakfast and get ready for work. 😏

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      1. Well move over! I’ve got this one, too. It’s the same here. You wanna trade Trump for someone on your side? We’d LOVE to get rid of him. Sort of like a prisoner exchange???


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