Each Wednesday I choose a word and think about it for 5 minutes, or so, when I’m on my coffee break at work.  I scribble down whatever the word suggests to me and post it when I get home in the evening.  However, this evening I scrapped what I had written during the day and re-wrote my offering, having had a thoroughly enjoyable walk through the woods with my dog.  There are no real rules …

If you would like to join in then please feel free to do so.  You can post it on your own blog (would be great if you link to mine so I can have a peak), or post in my comments if you prefer.  It’s up to you.

This week’s word is ‘Comfort’.


An evening’s walk through winter woods
Twigs cracking, leaves crackling underfoot
The smell of damp earth, the sound of the breeze blowing through the trees
In the distance the sound of traffic as workers hurry home to their families
There’s no-one about, up here far above the town
Just my dog and I enjoying the peace
Before heading back for our evening meal

On our return journey, our adventures done for the day
The smell of a bonfire assails our noses,
The sound of children’s far away laughter floats across our path
A happy, innocent sound heralding fun and joy, love and safety
We smile, my dog and I, we understand
Those simple pleasures, the warm and soothing feeling of acceptance,
And safety to be found amongst familiarity

Whilst we’ve been gone, exploring our realm
Time has moved on and the sun has turned down its bedcovers ready for rest
Its dying light shines over the bay towards the far coast
Bathing it in a wash of gold, coral, and deep pink sapphire
Its comforting glow is soothing to the soul
A balm to the heart, a joy to the eyes
A beautiful end to a perfect walk

© Ruth Hughes 2016

15 thoughts on “Wednesday Word

  1. Some lovely turns of phrase in this Ruth – I especially enjoyed the idea of the sun turning down its’ bedcovers. This should have been an entry to the new DailyPost weekly challenge too – for ‘a post that piques the senses’.

    Liked by 1 person

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