Each Wednesday I choose a word and think about it for 5 minutes, or so, when I’m on my coffee break at work.   I  scribble down whatever the word suggests to me and post it when I get home in the evening.
If you would like to join in then please feel free to do so.   You can post it on your own blog (would be great if you link to mine so I can have a peak), or post in my comments if you prefer.   It’s up to you.
I was thinking of another word for today’s Wednesday Word but, as I left the house this morning this was what I saw.  I grabbed my phone and tried my best to capture it.

So, the word today is Sunrise.

To be honest I don’t think any words I could put together match what I saw.  So, just for once, I’m not going to write a poem or anything else.

A heads up for next Wednesday’s Word (which should have been this week’s  but the sunrise was soon beautiful). 

Next week’s word is EMACIATED.   Thank you Colette for suggesting it.


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