Hi and welcome to Wednesday Word.  Each Wednesday I pick a word and spend about five minutes thinking about it, what it means, how it makes me feel, what it looks like, etc., and then write down whatever comes to mind.  To be honest I usually end up writing some sort of prose.

If you would like to join in then please feel free to do so.  If you want to ping back to my post so that I can read what you’ve written, that would be great.  Alternatively, you can add your own thoughts etc., to the comments box below.    Whatever you like.

Today’s word is Emancipate, and I’ve ended up writing a poem.


At whose behest
Should I be pressed
To take on a role
For which I have no soul
I need to be free
Unrestrained, can’t you see?
My spirit feels squashed
It’s time to liberate the ‘me’
I need to be independent
I can think for myself
If you’re feeling pressured
Free yourself from that shelf
The whole world is out there
Right there for the taking
My mind must be unfettered
‘Cos it’s ‘me’ that I’m making


15 thoughts on “Wednesday Word

  1. Nice, natural flow to this poem – also inspiring & uplifting. Like the idea of the Wednesday Word. May give it a go tomorrow. Regarding the Wednesday Word, in addition to others pinging back to your post, have you thought about adding a post where you ping back to others who had a go at the prompt? Thought a list linking to participants may encourage more people to have a go & check out each other’s poems. No worries if that sounds too much like hard work. 😉

    Thanks for Following my site. Hope you like some of my poems.

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      1. Great – look forward to seeing which you like. 🙂 There’s a chart on the Home page where you can see the most popular pieces so far but maybe you’d have more fun going rogue and picking pieces at random.

        Equally I look forward to getting lost in your site on my next day off from work.

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      1. Some times I wonder if people with certain personalities never get it that there is always a choice — that we CAN make or remake ourselves. That’s something I’ve pondered on a lot lately because I think I’m one of those people. I often feel defeated before I even start a thing…

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  2. I’m really enjoying these bitesized explorations of language Ruth, thank you 🙂 ‘behest’ is such a good word too – much of our language is being lost and it’s wonderful to see words re-emerge in contemporary writing 🙂 I like your style 🙂

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    1. I love words Colette. I’m finding the more I write, the less I use shortforms and the more use I make of little used words. Sometimes my husband tells me that my writing style is too old fashioned, but that’s my writing voice – honed from years spent in dusty archives grappling with difficult handwriting which, once identified, formed the most beautiful images in words. Our grandparents had a far more expressive lexicon at their command.
      You’re right, our language has been dumbed down over the years.

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      1. My belief is that there is nothing that is ‘too old fashioned’ 🙂 If it feels natural to use a certain word, I think you should just use it – it’s refreshing to be reminded of little used words – and your writing flows beautifully 🙂

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