Each Wednesday I pick a word,  think about it for about five minutes, and then write down whatever inspiration or feeling the word has invoked.

Please do feel free to join in if you wish.  You can either use the word as a prompt to post something on your own blog (please do pingback to me though so I can read it too), or write something in the comments section at the bottom of this blog – it’s up to you, the more the merrier.

He’s not to be trusted, this remarkable man
He’s too sly and greasy for me
His minions crowd round him
They’d do anything for him
Clamouring for his attention, his eye
Do they not realise he won’t really ‘see’ them
But he’ll use them before bleeding them dry

The word makes me think of something I wouldn’t want to touch, slick, sly, sinister, slimy or greasy, unwholesome.  Someone to stay away from, something or someone I certainly wouldn’t want anywhere near me.

I have visions of politicians who court their electorate with false smiles and wild promises, smiling and pretending to care for everyone – until they’re elected and then they’re free to build their powerbases, make their millions, squeeze the pips out of everyone beneath them.

The word makes me feel uneasy, not a word I feel at all comfortable with.  It could be a useful word to help create a character though.  I’ll have to think about that one.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Word

  1. Hi Ruth, you are picking some interesting words 🙂 I still want to go back and do rascile at some point, it keeps bugging me, nagging me to do something with it. Anyway, I was pleased to join in again this week, but drafted my poem in a paint file( jpeg) and so posted it to a page here – and also mentioned you in my virtual coffee post -you maybe had (a) pingback(s). Hope all is well with you – guess you’re very busy working on next part of book and marketing the first part, so see you around 🙂


    1. Hi Colette, loved your poem – just popped across to have a read. For some reason I’m not able to post a comment there (though it could be my iPad playing up).
      Not had a ping back – though could be my iPad again! It’s crashing every time I try to open the WordPress app. Will be on the laptop tomorrow, so will catch up properly then.
      Well into part 2 – it’s taking on a life of its own, I’m having fun trying to keep up 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Maybe I forgot to allow comments on that page Ruth, i turned them off on a previous page and maybe it saved the setting for my new page. Great to hear you’re in the flow with part 2 🙂


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