Each Wednesday I take a look at a word for, roughly, five minutes and then write down whatever enters my head.  I usually end up writing some prose.  If you want to join in then please feel free.  Perhaps the word acts as a prompt for you to create your own piece of prose/short story/thoughts to post on your own blog (it would be great to have a pingback to this page), or perhaps you might want to enter your thoughts etc., into the comments section on this page.

The word this week is ‘momentous’.


Its letters shaped like a craggy mountain range
Troughs and peaks both climb and fall
Rivers running through the valleys
Boulders piled against a wall

Sinuous curves form pathways to other worlds
Through the undulating hills
Conjuring thoughts of yesteryear
When young legs could traverse the ghylls

Its meaning, so different from the shape it forms
Important, significant, portentious
If I could climb atop a mountain now
That would, indeed, be momentous

Image from Unsplash.com

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