image I apologise for advertising here, but I’m so chuffed that the first part of my series is now available on Kindle.

I have to admit that the actual file conversion and upload process was relatively simple – just a few unladylike words passed my lips as I grappled with downloading Kindlegen.  Scrivener, though, is a little gem.  So easy to use, which is just as well as I’ve given myself a deadline of the end of April to have Part 2 published.

I have only one problem, my computer has decided not to play ball.  Don’t know what’s wrong – it just won’t recognise my profile.  Aarrggghhh.

4 thoughts on “My first book is published

  1. Congratulations!!! You sure didn’t let any grass grow under your feet! Wow. And your computer is just being a pistol because you didn’t dedicate your writing to it — probably. 😀


    1. Ha ha Cheryl, you’re probably right. Unfortunately it still won’t open up. I’ve emailed Literature and Latte to ask if it’s a known issue and also to ask why it is I can’t download it onto my Windows 10 Surface machine. I think, though, it might be something to do with the new screen resolutions or something.
      I’ve a feeling that one of the other online programmes I had to load onto my old laptop, to convert the .mobi file to (it’s called Kindlegen), may have screwed something up in the registry. However, I have my first book out there. I thought it had all been a little too easy 😉


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