Each Wednesday I’ll post a word together with the thoughts said word brings to mind.   For me it’s usually some prose.  If you want to join in, please feel free.  Perhaps the word acts as a prompt for you to create your own piece of prose/short story/thoughts to post on your own blog (would be great to have a ping back to this page), or perhaps you might want to enter your thoughts etc., into the comments section on this page.

Today’s word is ‘Scrumptious’.


You’re making me feel hungry now

I’ve not yet had my dinner

My mind sees cakes and chocolate treats

My eyes see something different

For lunch I’ve packed a savoury meal

It’s functional, staid and boring

Nothing like what’s on my mind

When I see your shape before me

I visualise rich, decadent delights

Oozing sweet and wicked temptation

Sticky buns and macaroons

Eton Mess, such a glorious concoction

Lip-licking, soul satisfying, totally delectable

Succulent, delicious, luscious, divine

But I’m stuck with what I’ve packed for lunch

Ah well, maybe next time …



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