I wrote and published this sonnet on my blog a few weeks ago.  I’ve just come across it again and am still quite pleased with it, so thought I’d post it again.  Hope you don’t mind.

One thing has given me endless and unending pleasure for as long as I can remember, so my sonnet is dedicated to the pleasure of reading a good book.


With my mind I thee worship, with my soul I drink you in
Tickling, teasing, so infinitely pleasing, these words I find within a book
Such exquisite phraseology inviting me within
How could I resist the chance to sit and pick you up

Transported to a different place, with real time standing still
I delve inside without a pause your secrets to discover
You manage to entice me, captivate and delight me, I bend to your will
Willingly, like a virgin to her lover

How many hours will I sit here perched upon this seat
I do not know and I care not, I’m hungry
And words are the only food I wish to eat

So many words, so little time, so many books to read
Such pleasure still awaiting me as I grow old
My mind and my soul will never be in need

9 thoughts on “Writing 201 – Sonnet

      1. Honestly Ruth when I read this I thought “wow”. I couldn’t help but remember that it wasn’t too long ago that you were just trying to find your writing voice (I think that is how you phrased it?). You should be proud of how far you have come.

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