I love words, I love the shape of them, the sound of them, the emotions and memories they can induce.  I love the way words, used together, can create something amazing, something challenging, an explanation or a condemnation.  Because words are so powerful I thought I’d try something new.

Every Wednesday I’m going to select a word and write whatever comes to mind as I spend five minutes thinking about it.  I don’t have any longer than five minutes as I’m going to do this in my coffee break at work.  There – that’s the time limit set.  This week I’ve thought about it during the day and written about it at the same time.  I’ll post next week’s word in the morning (GMT time  – so it might not be Wednesday where you are) so that if you want to join in, you can do so.

This week’s word is ‘Superfluous‘.  It’s a word which popped up during a conversation with a work colleague who immediately said ‘wow, I have to look that word up’.


Superfluous, the word rolls off the tongue
I love its voluptuous sound
Redolent of endless weekends
Suggestive of warmth and comfort
Sounding calm and luxuriant
But, its sound belies its meaning
‘To serve no useful purpose’
To be told ‘You are surplus to requirements’
So cutting, vicious and cruel


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Words

  1. Wow! Fantastic verse for your Wednesday word 😀 That’s a great idea – I’ll try and join in 🙂 It’s actually quite amazing what you can do in five minutes with an ad hoc response to a prompt word 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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