This day arrived as I knew it must
Heralded by rapturous birdsong
Such a happy sound in the dark early morn
As though there was something wonderful to celebrate
As I left my warm, soft, safe, comfortable bed
To start a new working week

I had no joy in my heart at the thought
Of heading back to work this day
Twelve days of bliss I’ve had, twelve days
Where I could be myself, happy  in my own special place
Where no-one owns my time, my words
Are mine to fashion as I decide

Work is a necessary evil – apparently
Fashioned to make us slaves to the clock
To make us believe we cannot make it on our own
That stultifying boredom is simply the norm
The treadmill the only legitimate way of keeping a home

It’s time to change the way I work, to make the longed for break
My goal this year will be to see what changes I can make
To have a job which suits my need for perfect balance
A job which feeds and nurtures my hungry soul
Which allows me to express myself in words of my own choosing

Work was fine, I soon got back into the swing of things – but, oh how I wish I could afford not to work but to stay in bed until the daylight arrives, to write for my own pleasure, to organise my day around the things my hubbie and I would like to do.  Well, one day …   Until then I’ll keep planning and writing …

Photo from Unsplash


5 thoughts on “Monday musings

  1. I quit work in 2003 (with a few stints at temps here and there since). But you know, I still get up with Lord Drollery to fix breakfast at 6:30 every morning! I can’t decide if I’m dumb or not! I bet you’d find a reason to get up, too. You think? 😉

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    1. I’m a morning person Cheryl so,
      yes, I’m sure I would still be up with the larks! Maybe a little later though at this time of year – especially if it were pouring with rain. My brain seems to work faster at processing information in the mornings, goes to sleep mid – afternoon and then has a bit of a resurgence in the evening ☺ I’m looking forward to the early daylight hours of the summer when lying in doesn’t seem so attractive 😁

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  2. I am so blessed to work for myself in a industry that still pays me if I decide to stay in bed! The best part about my business is I work it my way, around my 3 year old. I’ve made the changes needed for a balanced lifestyle and I’m sure you can too. Beleive and anything is possible. X

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