Ok, so I know it’s Christmas in just a few days, but I haven’t yet wrapped up the presents, except those for my grandsons and for some girl friends I met for lunch.
I would feel guilty but we’ve just come home from visiting the youngest grandson, and his parents, this weekend. We had a wonderful time, with the highlight a visit to a pantomime in Tewkesbury. The pantomime was Cinderella and it was brilliant.
Now, I have something I have to admit here – I find clowns, dolls and Morris dancers weird and creepy. Pantomimes also scared me when I was a young girl, so I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy it. However, I laughed my socks off at the double entendres, the antics and the ad hoc asides and cover ups. I now realise why I didn’t like pantomimes as a youngster – I had no idea why all the adults were laughing, I never found pantomime even vaguely amusing. Well, of course I didn’t, pantomimes are for adults. They are filled with racy insider jokes – the kind of jokes which only adults can understand, and they are all wrapped up in nonsense and fairy tales and promoted as children’s entertainment. A bit like the late brilliant Terry Pratchett’s novels really – produced for two levels of understanding – sheer brilliance.
As for the present wrapping, well I’ve made a start on it. I’m sure I’ll get it all done before the big day 🎄🎄🎄


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