What – no access to information
What on earth am I to do
The day ahead has no structure as
The phone lines have gone down too

No contact with the outside world
I feel rudderless, bereft
The whole day stretching ahead of me
Looks blank, meaningless, dead

What are we without technology
How did we manage before
The paperless office sounded so civilised
But I long for the days of yore

Typewriters clattered, such a pleasing sound
The ‘ding’ at the end of each row
Line up the paper, get everything straight
Hands on keys and we’re ready to go

Each machine with its own special quirks
Keys jamming and stopping the flow
You remember the carbon copies yes?
Life was slower then, it had to be so

But hurrah! The network’s connected again
The world is opening up
We’re back in business for another day
Now it’s time for me to catch up

This morning, as the workforce arrived at the office, we found both the phone lines and the intranet down.  Oh my, the modern office is useless when the technology doesn’t work.  You know what it’s like, I’m sure, when there’s no phone signal and everyone is looking askance at their amazingly clever smartphones that simply won’t work without a connection.  That’s how we felt this morning.  Many years ago my first job was as an assistant working in the office at an estate agents.  Back then the computer didn’t exist.  Photocopiers hadn’t been invented and email wasn’t a word that sprang from anyone’s lips.  But we functioned.

14 thoughts on “Network Down

    1. I love clever technology Lynz, but I think we rely on it far too much. The ability to communicate across continents in the blink of an eye is truly amazing and opens up so many possibilities. When the technology doesn’t work we’re left stranded on our own little islands again. 😕

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