Some very clever person has offered the word ‘Chocolate’ as a prompt.  If you are curious to know more pop over to the livingpoetry blog to take a look.

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect prompt, especially not at this time of year so here goes with my ode to ‘Chocolate’.  The image is from

So smooth your approach, so warm your invitation
You lure me in with your seductive promises
I cannot resist you, I am powerless in your presence
Your very existence brings joy to my life

I am told you mean me no good, though I find it hard to believe
You soothe my soul and make me smile
I relax as you enfold me in such waves of joy and comfort
How could you mean me any harm, I refuse to listen to such words

I delight in your existence, I seek you out constantly
This time of year you are everywhere
You do not even attempt to hide, and why should you
When you are dressed in splendid attire, openly offering yourself

I can drink you, I can eat you, I can cook you, I can smell you
I can heat you, I can bake you, I can melt you, I can shape you
You’re just perfect and I love you, there’s no more to be said
My clothes may feel a little tight but that’s ok in my head

Perhaps I should cut down this year and eat a little less
But can I, shall I, I fear not, no point in spoiling what
Is such a perfect partnership, when the answer’s clear to see
The joy you bring is priceless, it’s another frock for me.








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