It’s the time of year when thoughts are turned
Towards charity and peace
To friendship and family and neighbourliness
Towards mellowness, comfort and feast
Our houses are decked with colour and light
With baubles and tinsel and bells
Our menus are planned and the guest lists are writ
And kitchens bear Christmassy smells
All’s well with the world at least in our homes
The dog lies in front of the tree
The candles are lit and the fire burns bright
There’s nothing wrong I can see

But elsewhere in this world there is hardship and strife
No safety nor comfort for some
Perhaps for a time whilst we enjoy our good luck
We can think of what else can be done
To hasten the day when all humans can live
In a world which cares for all
Where every family can celebrate their way
In their own particular hall
Where no child will starve and no mother will mourn
The loss of daughter or son
Where food is plentiful and war unknown
And everyone is welcome


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