I know I haven’t been posting as often recently, my excuse is that NaNoWriMo is taking up all my writing time and I certainly don’t begrudge the time spent writing the first draft of my novel.  I’m looking forward to having it all down so that I can go back over it and start the serious business of editing.  Until then I’m going to enjoy just letting the words stream out in any order they want to.

I’m seriously loving this writing a full draft in just 30 days business, which is what NaNoWriMo is all about.   It’s very strange because I always thought the correct way to write was to think about every single word before it ever met the light of day; to have every character perfectly drawn up; to have the plot worked out properly before I started.  Not so.  It’s stultifying to creativity and it simply doesn’t allow for your characters to develop and find their own way.  At least that’s what I’ve come to understand.

Using Scrivener is also an amazing experience.  The two are going hand in hand and I’m learning all the time.  With Scrivener I can add more scenes, move them around within a chapter or even out of a chapter and into another one if it makes more sense to the plot to do so.  I can re-name a chapter, re-name a scene, cut and paste part of the text into another scene or create a new one to paste it into.  It’s pure magic.

Another thing I love about this programme is that I don’t have to write in a linear way.  I can move about between scenes, go back (or forwards) and finish off something I worked on a couple of days ago then left because I wasn’t happy with it.  It doesn’t matter if the plot changes along the way because I can insert new chapters or scenes to deal with the change, move unwanted scenes out of the compilation and pick them up later or take some or all of them into a new novel altogether.  Can you tell I’m bowled over by this fantastic programme?

I’m also planning to work on my short story (next month), which I’d posted on here over a number of weeks.  I’ve pulled it into Scrivener and begun to fill the rather gaping holes which I knew I had left.  After I’m happy with it I’ll be testing it out as a Kindle ebook whilst writing another two follow ups which will also be Kindle-ized – is that a word or not?  Who cares!   It is now 🙂

3 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. It IS a different experience. I felt like a 30-deadline was a great way to get a first draft down. Then you have time to go back and tweak everything. I loved the way you can pull up two scenes in Scrivener at the same time and compare them. I found that really helpful. And I liked being able to pull whole articles from the net into research folders. So glad you’re liking the program!

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