I came across this image a few weeks ago and thought how fantastic it must be to be able to write magical stories for children. My own childhood was full of books; books containing magical worlds filled with dragons, princesses, monsters, fear, laughter, heroism, giants, liliputians, castles and fairies, wicked witches and friendly wizards, impossible adventures and thrilling carpet rides, fabulous lands filled with mythical creatures.

It was so much simpler as a child, I could read fairy stories and believe or not believe, as I wished.  The world felt a much safer place, a feeling that gradually evaporates as one gets older and sees the world for what it is – a sometimes dangerous and dark place where we do our best to carve out a life for ourselves and our own children.  No wonder my mother made sure I had plenty of books to fan my own imagination.   As children we have none of the pressures which adulthood brings and magic can seem so real.

Whilst I doubt I’d ever be able to write a children’s book, I’d dearly love to try and write a book which incorporates magic – I think it’s the child in me.  If you were to write a book, what kind of book would it be and why?


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